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  1. @ dimreepr i stands for god here.
  2. @ dimreepr plz explain in simple words (rather than saying kindapoint), i dont get your point.
  3. Actually, i was talking about the infinte power/thought/imagination of god.
  4. OK. Let me substitute an eternal god with an eternal series of causes and effects. How could that be traversed to reach here and now? Good question. I think relativistic effects came into play only when this universe was created. I am talking about 'prior to big bang" i.e. i am talking in very generalised terms, not at all limited to this universe.
  5. Why should science warn, this scenario seems highly plausible/possible/even certain.... I mean that even if an eternal god had been creating an eternal succession of universes, how all this infinite time could be traversed to reach 'the present moment/time'
  6. What is the source of this infinite imagination?...
  7. If god is eternal, how did he traverse all the infinite time before the point, at which he thought of creating the universe?
  8. I think... Neither science nor religion can answer all the questions... Unanswered questions, mysteries, the unknowable, the infinite regress will always wink at humanity or any other super intelligent life... Even god will be searching the answers to questions like.... From where i came?.... What is the source of infinte power/energy/thought that i possess? etc.
  9. I read what you said.... I have questions... What is the origin of Tao? What is the mechanism that led to origin of Tao? If there are no answers to the above questions, why to call Tao the ultimate thing?
  10. @ Fred Champion You say that everything is action and reaction i.e. cause and effect. A simple scenario..... A rock is lying on the moon. It moves. Why?...a fragment of a meteorite strikes it. Why does the meteor come to moon?.....because some rocks from the aestroid belt strayed into the moon's gravity. Why did the rocks stray?....because everything is moving and such things happen. Why is everything moving?...it's because all this motion has ultimate origin in the big bang. Every action reaction has it's origin there only. Why did the ultimate cause i.e. big bang happen? Fred, do we need 'time' now?
  11. ah..yes...he is the guy about whom i read on the internet....
  12. @ imfatlaal a good thread.....learnt a lot
  13. My two penny..... It is said, For a photon there is zero time and zero distance.....?? This seems opposite to the idea that there can't be anything smaller than plank time and plank distance. If this is true,a photon isn't travelling at all ( though physicists try to solve this problem by saying that 'photon's view point is undefined'.... how clever and orthodox of them....)
  14. Can't Tao be called god.... Who/what mechanism, made Tao..... How/through which mechanism, would laws of physics automatically follow Tao..... Can't this 'automatic following' after Tao be called some kind of 'hidden intention' of the thing/mechanism that created Tao.....
  15. ???????????? ( a simple answer is always good,that tries to explain the problem at hand...) So, what causes my hand to move.......my neurons? What causes the motion of neurons...my thought????? Does it mean thought is beyond time..i.e. it does not require time for it's articulation/motion? In any case it seems, time comes first and motion comes afterwards.
  16. Actually, the person wanted to say that the 'cause of motion' cannot happen without time...... So, what should i say to this.....
  17. It would be an illusion for everyone....i.e. their agreement would be regarding sth thatis an illusion.
  18. moving clocks running slow.....would itself be an illusion...
  19. U havn't got my point....i am surprised!!! I meant that will there be non-conflicting answers to such questions? If not, these questions should be called ambiguious questions at best,imo ....just as obscurity of religion ends, ambiguity of science begins............ Ambiguity of science is superior to obscurity of religion, though....as it has the scientific method behind it¿
  20. Some more questions.... What is the cause of inertia? How does matter curve space.. Why does light move at c... When does quantum turn into classical and how... What are space, time, mass,entropy... Is arrow of time correct... What is the difference between natural & supernatural... Will questions ever end.. Should there be an aim of science, if so what.... Is/will there a/be a single answer to the above questions....
  21. What is the difference between an illusion and an emergent phenomenon in this case.......
  22. 'a continuum of matter'.....?? imo, continuum means something that has no points in it.....but.....continuum of matter presupposes points ( matter at every point.......)
  23. We can also say to them, ' If your god did it, he also 'needs explanation regarding his existence'. They aren't able to answer such questions....rather than saying that he was always there......and this is no explanation whatsoever.
  24. @ Ten oz i was talking to a person and i also told him something that hinted that time arises out of motion only.... I said, 'when i push a ball it moves, when i push it harder, it moves further....where is time in all this...' He said, ' when you push a ball.............for how long?' What should be my answer to his question...
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