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  1. [snip] you! If you little people can't stand hearing the truth, then you can just ban and be damned, I could care not less. It is a religon with a certain number of people in the world to believe this crap, but I ain't buying into this [snip] and I am certainly not afraid to say so.
  2. If this is what passes for "scientific discussion'' on this particular web site, then it is becoming clear why so many are buying into this horse shit MMGW nonsense. Look.....it is not proven science, it is pure speculation and fear mongering for the sake of milking the general public for billions of dollars to "study" a problem that does not exist... If you want to ban me, fine. I won't refrain from expressing my opinion, just because you children can't stand an opposing view. cli·mate [klahy-mit] Show IPA noun 1. the composite or generally prevailing weather conditions of a region, as temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, and winds, throughout the year, averaged over a series of years.
  3. Funny, but I was thinking the same thing about you guys. It is, after all, you who insist that speculation about the weather 100 years hence is science, is it not?
  4. I have always noticed that whenever a deciple of any particular theory starts to see holes in his pet theory, he tries to marginalize the person that exposed the holes. Annnnnd, I also noticed that you did not address the fact that China and India and most other un-developed countries are not gonna do anything about their emissions....ergo we are, if the so-called 'scientists' are correct, going to experience higher temperatures. So what exactly are we gonna do when it becomes fact instead of speculation? You can run, but you can't hide....
  5. WOW! That sounds serious....but then, it is supposed to sound serious isn't it? Otherwise how would the doomsday theorists be able to extort money from the unwashed masses? This stuff reminds me of the high priests during the dark ages who, knowing that an eclipse of the sun was going to occure, told the people that god was mad at them and was gonna make the sun go out, but if they brought enough lambs and chickens to the church, that the priest would intervene on their behalf and make the sun come out again. It was BS then, and it is BS now.
  6. Well now that you mention it, yes, I do know that. And I also know that the really big CO2 producers in the near future will be China and India......who are unwilling to limit their emmisions because they are more inclined to bring some 2.5 billion people out of extreme poverty. So, I ask you, where does that leave us? Do you think we should go to war with China and India to bring them into compliance with our poorly thought-out emissions standards? And if the answer is no then we are screwed ain't we? Just perhaps we would be better off devoting our attention to how we are gonna react to the coming warm spell?
  7. The projections are that the temperature will rise 1 degree celsius during the next century, so again, what is the big deal? All of our citys were built within the past 200 yeas or so, and I don't think that sea levels of a couple of feet will inundate New York City, so all we have to do is back up a little and rebuild what was drowned out. Or better yet, build a sea wall. Sounds like a construction boom to me. It ain't like it is all gonna happen next week.
  8. why is it assumed that humankind will not be able to adapt to the changing envrionment caused bu global warming? Humankind has adapted to changes in the climate before, have we not? So, just what is the big deal if the planet warms up over the next century or so.....what terrible catastrophe will follow?
  9. We have already had internment camps, some 60 years ago. If we were on a slippery slope then, how is it that anyone in the US is free today? 60 years is a long time.
  10. nova


    Well, I thought it was a little racist. Apparently it is OK to say and act racist only if one happens to be black. Isn't that a double standard? Not that I particularly give a damn, but it sure looks like a double standard to me....
  11. nova


    This cartoon was taken from today's "boondocks" cartoon provided by the Yahoo browser. Would you consider it racist? Do you think that a person of color might be offended by it?
  12. I don't know, but I will bet that his nickname is "lucky".
  13. I wouldn't want my kids doing anything like this because of the addictive nature of the thing. If a person is addicted to anything, including a button, he will nor take the time to earn a living and therefore be a burden on the rest of society.
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