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  1. Interesting Question Given what I understand about gravity. 1. If you were in a room in the center of the moon then you would be weightless. Your body would be gravitationally attracted to the moon mass to your right and left equally and the forces would cancel each other out. This would happen in all directions and the net gravitational force would be "0". True? 2. If you were 10 miles away from the center of the moon then you would be attracted up to the surface by the mass above you and down to the center by the larger mass of the moon below. Right and left of you would cancel each other out again and you would only have up and down forces to contend with. Your weight would be increasing as you approach the surface. True? 3. Once you get to the surface of the moon then you would have your maximum weight because all moon mass would be pulling you down. 4. As you proceed up above the moon surface your gravitational attraction would decrease the further away you moved from the moon. True? OK lets just say that the moon has a 300 mile hollow sphere inside it. (just for the sake of argument) If you were standing against the inside surface of this sphere then would you not be attracted to the mass away from the center more than the mass toward the center. You would be closer to the overhead mass and its gravity would have a stronger influence on you. The remaining moon away from you would have more mass but it would also be further away and your net gravity would be toward the surface. Is this possible? Then just maybe it is possible for a hollow sphere to exist.
  2. I remember something in THE WHOLE EARTH CATALOG. A simple machine that would take gallons of water with lower pressure and pump pints of water with higher pressure up a hill to your house W/O having to use added energy. Basically trading volume for pressure.
  3. I think you should check out this thread It may help you. Click here
  4. The suns rayes are considered to be basicly paralell when they aproach the earth because of the earth's grate distance from the sun. If so, why then on a broken clowdy day the sun rays as they punch through the holes in the clowds are far fron paralell ?
  5. I see your point. The proportion of the elemints under the crust is unknown therefore the solid (no voids) mass of this material is unknown. Meaning it could have voids plus more elements of high mass. We are limited to working up a average mass for the whole planet. Also If however the earth did have a hollow core then the hollow core could possibly sustain itself. That partical two miles from the center would no longer be pulled towards the center equaly because there would no longer a larger amount of mass puling it in that direction. Not that I am correct but my argument sounds valid to me.
  6. Is it possible that at the center of the earth there is nothing? I think that there may be empty space. If you were a partical of mass at the center of the earth would you be gravitationaly atracted to the largest amount of mass. This mass would be in any direction towards the surface and you would be pulled away from the center. you would also be atracted equally in the opposit direction and these two atractions would cancel each other out and you would be weightless. Lets take a look at a molicule that is two miles from the center. It would be atracted to the mass that would be closest and that would be in the direction away from the center of the earth thus leaving the center of the earth void of any material. I know this goes against all teachings but why could it not be true?
  7. My question. If you had a solid metal rod that went from the east coast to the west coast of the USA and you moved it one inch at the east coast would it move one inch at the west coast instantaniously or would it move at the speed of light / time later? I beleave it would move at a difference time equil to the speed of light. I realise there are flaws in this hypothetical example such as phsycal compression and inertia but I am disreguarding these in hopes to grasp a little better the concept of light and time. Any coments? Please excuse my spelling that is a art that I have never grasped. samson
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