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  1. Sleep it off. It won't relieve the stress, but you'll have a whole new day to look for things to hit!
  2. To be quite fair, most breeds of species that are kept as pets would not survive at all in the wild, simply because they've been domesticated over many generations.
  3. I started here: http://php.net/tut.php PHP is seriously the most fun I have ever had coding. Been using it for about a year now.
  4. You're a pet? Well, can you bring me a beer?
  5. It's true! After several Bloody Marys I heard a loud yell: "Whaddya want?"
  6. Most of them involving farm animals. (Don't listen to me, I'm an Aussie.) I don't think our culture is more US influenced though. We drive on the left and use the metric system. What more could you ask for?
  7. Use the /3GB switch to enable address of memory up to 3GB in XP Professional. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/291988/
  8. No. Don't learn Visual Basic. ActiveX is not a web technology.
  9. That is the standard Apache HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error) message. Most likely your host is running PHP as CGI and you have not set adequate permissions for the PHP script. chmod it to 755, you can do this using an FTP program (right click file -> permissions on most).
  10. You're kidding me, really? I dictate all my coding to my PA.
  11. So, to quote the infamous ad, where the bloody hell are ya?
  12. penagate


    Oh, the irony.
  13. I don't think parents should read conversations or anything. Any more than they should listen in when their children are talking with friends. They have their right to privacy too. If the parents are genuinely concerned and pay a decent amount of attention to their kids I am sure they are able to tell if something is up. About the internet in general. I consider myself a fairly seasoned internet user. It takes a fair bit to shock me but it can be done. However, it requires a significant effort on my behalf to actually come across content (usually images) that would disturb the general public. I am genuinely unsure how people stumble across the stuff, maybe a link then a link and so on. I guess the vast expanse of the interwebs can be hours of entertainment for someone new to it, and in the process of exploring they can come across unsavoury content. But it's rare to be truly disgusting stuff. Of course, it's happened to all of us at some point, I am sure. And for those of us who aren't too old, it probably happened when we were young too. And we are here today debating over it, so it can't have been too adverse We shouldn't try to oversanitise the world for the sake of our children while they are young, they are then only going to discover it all for themselves as they grow and mature, and run the risk of it happening when we are not there to explain and guide them.
  14. Or if your referer ID is present in the URL when they register.
  15. Being almighty and all that, you would think he would at least have immunity to such mere mortal fallibilities
  16. Have a cauliflower. It eases the mind.
  17. Myself I prefer felines to be of the octagonal persuasion.
  18. It looks like a necklace dangling between a large pair of... eh, you get the picture
  19. I think that one would be appropriately titled "An Explosion of Depressed Spaghetti". or something.
  20. fiction -> Bible. Next word: random
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