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  1. I am not a science student but I am just curious about how our world are form? so if you think I am stupid I don't blame you. Because it is true i don't have lot of knowledge about science. if any body can help me I will be very thankful. here are the question listed as follow: What is rock construct from? what is wind construct from? what is fire construct from? what is water construct from? what is woods construct from? don't matter what kind of wood
  2. next question what is wind made from? next question what is tree made from? next question what is a rock made from? I am not making a joke about science. If you guy don't know please say don't know I really serious about this. I need people who really did research about these substance?
  3. sorry, to bother your guys. I have a question about science for you guy. I want to know if any body can help me find the answer to it. first question what is the smallest Molecular cell in earth. that is a strat.
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