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    currently I stay in Malaysia (till August)
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    reading, yoyoing, and above all learning.
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    everything from medical to theoretical physics
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    I am an average teen, with an above average curiosity.
  1. most men want to be in "charge" or control things(me included), so it makes sense when a man does not want see another man have what he has. ( having sex)
  2. This is not for people who, don't know what the want to do, or learn. This for people like me, ones who know what they want to be, or learn but, are unsure when it comes to learning it. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedI want to be a neurosurgeon, when I am older, but I am unsure on how to prepare for this job. Do I learn biology, micro-biology, neurology for anatomy. I know this might be hard to answers since, you don't no me but, hopefully someone can help.
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