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  1. i have to respect people as i want people to respect me this is my opinion .. i believe men with women should be together men have organs to contact with women's organs .. i mean right and health organs
  2. dear inow i am sorry maybe i displayed the subject badly i have link has further information http://www.quran-m.com/firas/en1/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=419:-the-holy-quran-refers-to-the-atmosphere-&catid=35:universe&Itemid=91 my point is i like some scientific facts the scientists discovered in our period but we can find same facts before by some other way ! anyway that is your opinion however I still believe my meaning because if you can read the page of book you can investigate the data with context after that it becomes more clear the
  3. I'm against homosexuality first because it's against our human nature. Also because it's bad for you because it leads to Aids. It also lessens the human population not letting woman and man reproduce.
  4. According to Wikipedia ‘’ the atmosphere of earth is a layer of gases surrounding the planet earth that is retained by earth’s gravity. The atmosphere protects life on earth by absorbing ultraviolet solar radiation.’’* And reference to NASA ‘’ the atmosphere also protects us from high _energy radiation and the frigid vacuum of space.’’* It is interesting for me but what is more interesting than that? The book of Muslims refers to this fact clearly before one thousand years ... the book (Quran) said what means ‘’ we made the sky preserved protected roof yet still they turn away from our s
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