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  1. all ur talk shows talk about freedom.. how come u don't want to give other nations their freedom to chose how to live.. and to rule themselves.. !!!!! ur govenment think they own the world.. but the people themselves.. as any human beings.. they r not all fat..
  2. what if i wanted something more advanced than wikipedia links.. can you help me??
  3. thnx for everything .. but as a chemical engineer, the sight do not help cause i need drawings for an industrial plant..
  4. Could anybody help me with my assighnment about the Ozone preparation Industrially.. thnx
  5. Hey everybody.. could anybody help me with my assignment about oxygen.. Occurance, Industrial preparation, Uses, compounds of oxygen "Ozone preparation"
  6. My prof. asked us about the importent factors should be taken into consideration when sellecting the location of the factory.. i thought that being near : utilities, the fields, market is importent but the answer wasn't enough he wanted some more details.. Chemical details.. so plz help..
  7. thanks alot for the site.. but how can i find flow charts for the manufactury???
  8. Plz tell me How H2SO4 in manufacrured.. the stages.. web sites r needed too.. thanks alot:confused:
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