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  1. Yes, pain is in the head, and without the brain, there would be no sensation of pain. But what do you mean that pain is normally a subconscious reaction? pain is in its core conscious, so there can never be pain that is not conscious. You have to call it differently, perhaps some kind of reflex? That is not entirely correct: the experience of pain is something very different than "just" something chemical. It starts out as a chemical process, transmitting signals to the brain and there somehow (something still completely unknown) the sensation of pain is formed.
  2. That is a good description
  3. The basic question is not answered?? What kind of answer do you expect? It is our brain that determines what we think about and although human beings think they have free will, it has been shown a long time ago that free will is an illusion: the brain processes of a conscious thought are beginning a few hundred milliseconds before the conscious thought about it. The reason we think it is all voluntary is probably the gigantic difference between the objective processes and the subjective consciousness. But there is no definite answer to "WHY" we think we have free will as far as I know.
  4. I read all this and it sounds nice, although to freudian flavoured. But there are a few things I do not understand. We already have an understanding of the link between personality and brain, so when you talk about "the interface" it seems that you are saying our personality is one entity apart from the brain entity. That sounds dualistic. Furthermore, I think that scientific psychology is empirical, because it seems so very hard to say what Consciousness IS, and the only way to explore the brain is the empirical way. Are you saying that a rational analysis of consciousness would give us greater understanding as to what it "IS" (ontologically?) I read your text and I am not 1 nanometer closer to understanding what consciousness is...... I hope you are not saying that consciousness is different from brain function, and that this "thing" is causal.
  5. I don't think they do, because I use ZoneAlarm on my laptops with AVG and Avast. And I never had any problems there, but this is the second time I had this problem on the HP desktop (Norton came with the computer and it is very hard to remove it completely from the system)
  6. Hi, I have Norton running on my (old) HP desktop and since a few days, I was unable to go online. Now I turned off the firewall from Norton and it works fine. But also I have some kind of user-problem. I am unable to start programs by double-clicking on the short-cuts: I can start the program by right-clicking on the short-cut and start it from there, but it is more tedious. Also some of my option (e.g. software) in the control panel are just not working anymore. I remember having this problem before (a long time ago). My virus-scanner doesn't show any problems. What is wrong and what can I do about it??
  7. It would be more helpfull to explain all this as a way of conditioning. Consciousness has no causal powers, but the brain does. At the same time it is one thought activating another, so it is the "thought" process in the brain that has the causal powers, but your terminology is very confusing.
  8. It seems as if you wanna attribute some causal "thinking" powers to consciousness, or am I reading it incorrectly?
  9. There is something else I do not understand about the supposed toxicity of the seeds of (e.g.) apricots. If it is true that the hunzakuts are consuming large quantities of these seeds, I expect that they would have dropped dead by the thousands. But this presumably didn't happen. Why?
  10. I read some research from ages ago pointing out that in the fetus cells also divide very rapidly, just like in cancer. Is that the reason why eating b17 leads to miscarriages??
  11. I have been reading for two years now about b17 (leatrile) and its supposed effects on cancer. Online you can find lots of sites dedicated to it. The first one to state this effect was Dr. Krebs. But what has really bugged me always was the fact that I can also write some shit on my website. For a real good discussion about the subject here, we should provide solid articles about the subject that everyone agrees on they are telling the truth. Do any of you have extremely reliable papers in which some real research about B17 is undertaken??
  12. I wouldn't mind defining a human brain and human cognition as nothing more than just a whole lot of interconnected neurons and that's it.... If we would be an alien species that was extremely intelligent but didn't know anything about consciousness, would we discover it while exploring the human brain? I am not sure about it, since we have not discovered anything at all that seems to point to consciousness (at least the hard problem of consciousness which also seems to be the subjective most salient aspect of it). So, I agree with francis Crick that we are nothing more than neurons, but we still need to discover what causes consciousness. Some people maintain that we should not concern ourselves with it, since it is nothing more than an emergent property of the brain. Perhaps that is right, but if that is so, we still have this explanation-gap that is not present with other emergent properties. We can understand an emergent property like "driving" of a car that is caused by all the individual components of the car working together. But that kind of understanding is not (yet) available for the brain-components causing consciousness
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