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  1. Thanks Tetrahedrite. That must be it!
  2. did it 8 times in a 16-well!!! no errors, im sure!
  3. I recently did a backwards titration... Instead of adding base to acid and indicator, I added acid to base and indicator. The unusual thing was that more of the acid was used than base. Eg. The same titration was carried out normally, add base to acid-indicator, and I get oh 25 cm cube of base used to change indicator color. Now I reverse things around and add acid to base-indicator and get 45 cm cube of acid used! I was assuming on the same volume readings either way:confused:
  4. thanks guys! especially about the wikipedia article about the 15 !!! states of matter! and here I was, excited about a 4th! super forum here!!!
  5. I know the four states of matter as SOLID, LIQUID, GASEOUS and PLASMA, but do not understand the concept of PLASMA:confused: Could anyone help me out? What does a plasma state actually mean? Any examples?
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