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  1. Explain what you mean exactly please. (If there are windows popping up, and it's just ads, get a spam blocker.)
  2. I believe this could result in a final "world war". China is in a good position to fight a war if someone crazy gets in power. However, they did release a plan to decrease military size earlier this year. I'd rather see China helping the world instead of taking it over, and I'm for the side of it more likely helping it. China is slowly catching up with us, and in a some ways, I'm happy to see the change of power from west back to east.
  3. Well, that's good. I'm happy to know you haven't been hacked, but as far as I know, it's still not a sure thing. However, I guess you can be at ease for now.
  4. Thanks guys. Yeah, I'll agree. IQ tests are worthless, however I'm still curious what my "real" IQ is. Turning an abtract thing into something concrete, like numbers, is very ineffective. One kid may get a 100 on the IQ test, but then another kid whom is obviously less intelligent than him gets a 120. That shows nothing. IQ gives "intelligent" people the ability to have pissing contests. I still appreciate the sources, and I'll check them all out.
  5. Sorry, but here's a bit of problem. ;x The guy could have been running an IP spoofer. I know some that run 20-120 dollars, and you can use them to change your IP on the internet. (Or at least mask it.) One way to know if you've been hacked is this. On XP, go to Start<Run<then type Command, and then type Net Statistics Server. Now, look at "Sessions Accepted" If it says "1" you should be okay. If it says 2 or more "OMG U GOT H4X0R3D". (Or at least your PC was.) Seriously, it should only say 1. Everything else should probably be 0. (there are exceptions to this, but it does help.)
  6. Does anyone have any good IQ tests to take? I've always been curious about my IQ, and those crappy ones from the book store are obviously not good. If I can get a near perfect score on the adult one, odds are it's false. anyway, I'd like to take one that's at least half-decent, if one exists.
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