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  1. Basically as much air as possible im going to be using it as a cabinet for some laptops which will be running and need to be kept away and it will be in the range of spilt drinks etc. !! But also needs to be quiet i know this is asking for a lot but lots of fans would be too loud and take up power etc.. So needs to let as much air as possible through and minimal amounts of substances such as water etc.. Cheers
  2. well yes water , and any spilt drinks etc..
  3. yes kind of. But needs to let more air flow through
  4. Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible and if so how to go about making a metal or plastic (durable material) semi permeable? I may be using the incorrect terminology but basically i need to know if it is possible to change a material to enable it to allow air to pass through however not liquids. One way I thought you could do this was by inserting lots and lots of minute holes in the metal, holes big enough to allow air particles to pass through but not liquids. Another way would be to use a material that has these properties anyway? Does anyone know of such a material? Any help would be appreciated Thanks!
  5. Hello, I have been looking everywhere for silicone oil in the UK ! Its really hard to find anywhere lol ... Does anyone know a good place to buy silicone oil in the UK ? I can buy it from the US but the freight cost stupid amounts !? Thanks
  6. Hey, I tried it and no it didnt work can anyone think of anything else that i can try ? Im desperate to try and get this to work ! Thanks
  7. Does PVA glue and Borax powder make silly putty or does it make slime ? Also does it just need to be normal white glue ? Or does it need to be Elmers? Thanks !
  8. Thats a bit strange. Yeh the guy on the phone did give me a sequence of powering up .... dnt think it worked but i guess if no1 else can come up with nefing then i am going to have to give it a go Thanks
  9. Hey I have been looking about at silicone oils to use with boric acid to make silly putty. I have found a place that can supply silicone oil but i could do with some advice on the viscosity of the silicone oil that I should use for making silly putty. Low Medium High etc.. Would mixing boric acid with white glue work as well ? I want to buy some of this stuff and find out but i want to make sure im using the rite thing Cheers !
  10. there is no software instalation for the router ! Its a built in modem and router from Blueyonder . They give you a instaltion CD but when it trys to connect to the defualy gateway it was it cant ... ! Frustrating !! lol
  11. Hello, Yes there is a router in between the Connection and the PC . Both the laptop and the computer are using the LAN connection (10/100) to connect to the Modem/Router. I do not see what you mean if you could explain? But yeh the IP in config could work i didnt think of that ! Cheers
  12. adsl1981

    Salt Dough

    hello could do with just a little bit more of advice Just wondering what viscocity do you think would be best for the silicone oil to make the putty ? Also do you think the Elmers glue and boric acid would be a good recipe ? Thank you im just about to order the things now
  13. Hello, My hard drive recently went on my computer so i got a new one and then i went to install my Blueyonder cable internet connection. When i run it through the instalation disk it says cannot connect to the defualt gateway and basically it says wait 90 seconds and try again . I have even phoned up blueyonder and they just gave me a powering up sequence wich didnt work ! The thing is it works on my laptop no problem . The guy on the phone said if i get a IP starting in 82 it will be valid and that is what im getting ! But just will not work. Does anyone have any ideas of what could be going wrong !? Thanks a lot !
  14. adsl1981

    Salt Dough

    that looks like a half decent recipe. As long as it does the roughly same thing. Elmers scool glue ? Thats just PVA glue aint it ! :S I will also try your recipe using the silicone Oil.
  15. adsl1981

    Salt Dough

    I have found a decent website that sells silicone oil and may sell other stuff that you may be interested in if you want to take a look. http://www.chemistrystore.com/Silicone_oil.htm Is that the correct thing that i need to buy ? And have you got any idea what quantities I need to use to get putty consistency. Thanks
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