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  1. It isn't homework. Or mine for that matter. If it was homework, i would be posting this is the homework section sir. I was just curious on how you would be able to try for I was bored and didnt manage to find a design suitable to carry the 50g. Just wanted to see if any of you lot had some interesting plan.
  2. Hello A peer in another science class @ school was given this challenge which was passed onto me...however Im not sure how to contruct this... Any ideas/suggestions/tips on how to create the paper boat so it meets the requirements? Materials: Each final design (i.e. the boat, bridge, and airplane) must be made out of a single sheet of 8.5" x 11" copier paper. You may use the staples and tape provided, but the quantity of each will be limited. You will not be limited in the number of pieces of paper that you use to converge on a final design but only one final entry will be accepted. Scissors will be supplied. For each final design you may use at most 30 staples and no more than 50 cm of tape. The sail must propel the boat to the other side of the water tank (~ 6' long) the 'wind' will be supplied by a fan. The boat must carry a load of 50 g, which will be supplied, and the load must remain dry (i.e. it may not be submerged). You may fold, cut, tape, staple your airplane. An attachment point must be provided at the top of the airplane so that the plane can be easily held by a clamp. The clamp will be released to let the plane glide. Thanks Much. Cheers.
  3. Recently i visited a doctor for the gazillionth time RE: nosebleeds and he gave me a solution that actually worked. I am 14 years and at first i was sent to an office to get the vessel burned by this thing similar to a match but after a few months or so the effect wore off. Then few months ago, i was referred to the hospital where i had to undergo a surgery where cauterization was done. Basically they numbed my nose and used this electrical device to burn the vessel for the bleeding to be stopped. Summer has arrived and ever since i have not recieved a nose bleed. Kudos to cauterization! But as for the cause...maybe the dryness in the air? Unless you had constant nosebleeds when you were younger...Perhaps the finger accidentley found itself in the nose? Hmmm...Heh =P
  4. Hello! Im a newbie at this site...and i'm trying to come up with an idea for this Gr.7/8 science fair...so sorry if this question sounds really dumb, however is it possible for one individual to have more than one blood type? I am aware that there are certain restrictions to which blood can be transfused to another blood type; i.e. the individuals with Type A blood can only receive blood from other individuals that only have Type A and O Blood. Type B individuals could only receive blood from those with Typed B and O. Type O could only receive from other O’s. And AB is considered as a ‘Universal Receiver’; hence individuals with Type AB could receive from anyone; whether it be A, B, AB or O. This is so because of the antigens, let us say there is some sort of technology, or some chemical...that can freeze or eradicate the antigens temporarirly...so in the transfusion process, your freeze/or whatever the antigens/antibodies so that the antigens/antibodies do not react and start attacking the foreign blood; and once the two types of blood mix together, would that impact the body in anyway? *an answer would be greatly appreciated =)
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