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  1. Just to start out, I myself am a jerk. Just so you know. The reason I'm a jerk is because I have no social skills whatsoever. This causes me to fall back on pretty much the only standard I know- that of being a jerk. Again, it depends really on your definition of a jerk, but regardless, there are many causes. Circumstances in life cause changes in behavior. It's a basic rule of life. Sorry if I'm repeating the point. One thing that I find interesting to note is both cause and effect of being a jerk- a severe lack of people/interaction. I'm not saying that it's a universal thing, just that it is a noticeable pattern with jerks. Not knowing people, or being close to them, will inevitably cause one to be less sensitive to other people.
  2. wow, thanks I actually get it now! And yeah, I'm in Comp. Network Engineering at my school, and I'm preparing to take the CCNA. Mostly I have trouble with the syntax of setting ACLs. such as in what order the terms go for a particlar ACL...
  3. Ok so I'm trying to understand ACLs (Access Control Lists) and I just somehow can't get it. Especially the part about the wildcards. any help???
  4. I believe the very popular method is magnesium strips, though there's not really an insanely good way to do it...
  5. Well, for starters I know that a good source of antioxidants is pomigranates. And while we're at it, you might as well wikipedia antioxidants.
  6. Well the satellites would eventually get to be a bother, considering how many there are. If you chart all of their paths, you're bound to have tons of collisions eventually. Also, I think there's not gonna be AS many satellites, but as cheap as it'll be to launch them, people will shoot off a few. What about some sort of Huge anchor station on the planet, while the end of the elevator geosynchronously orbits earth, and you connect the supports and shaft when needed? I mean gravity would be problematic but it saves on material stress and weather problems. Question 2, just out of curiosity, what happens when lightning hits the tower and is conducted out towards space?
  7. Well wait, isn't the constant gravitational pull of the moon "constantly nudging it" anyway?
  8. Yeah, this winter has been uncommonly warm this year. I hardly felt cold at all. The snow was good, changes it up a little, but the overall warmth was really nice.
  9. Well, once the moon effected the ring's orbit (as it's bound to in some way) wouldn't the ring have some sort of effect on things inside it? I mean when it gets misaligned an' all...
  10. That's true, psychology is very systematic. That was one thing that surprised me when we covered it in health class, given that we don't know a whole awful lot about the mind and all. Also, I've tried to look into Autism but there's not a lot of info I can find...one thing that does interest me is autistic savants. From what I understand, it's either a central part of the brain missing or damage to the left front lobe...not sure which, or maybe both....
  11. Yeah, but then so would you if you were in a maze and had no idea where you were going.
  12. Imagine if you were to build an indestructible ring around the earth, say out of metal or carbon steel or whatever, and put it in orbit so that it circled the planet completely. I was just wondering how gravity, the rotation, the moon, etc. would effect the ring...would it be stable?
  13. I can distinctly recall a project one of my friends did about plants. He built a maze and stood it up, so that the plant was at the bottom and the hole that led to the outside (and light, heat, the sun, etc.) was on top. By the end of a few weeks, the plant had grown in the maze's specific pattern in order to find and receive light. Clearly at least a semi-sentient action. As for whether killing something that doesn't feel matters or not, obviously it won't matter to it if it's dead. but it may matter to the animals that depend on the plant for food. Or the oxygen it can no longer produce. Besides, if we were all to top killing animals, they would overpopulate us rather quickly. Just a thought.
  14. Yeah, I know I'm prolly beating a dead horse with a stick here, but i was just wondering if there was anything new on the "Are virus' actually living?" debate....? I'm trying to learn about biology/microbiology, but I'm not very deep in if you know what I mean.
  15. Well, and the two go sort of hand in hand, just that in this case they're two different aspects of the debate. Mathematically, 0 is a number with a value. Namely zero. but Logically, you cannot have 0 of an event or thing because simply, they do not exist.
  16. Yea, that would solve the problem but it wouldn't really solve the argument.
  17. In my English class, we had to color code the United States by lynchings during the 1882-1968 time period (300+ lynchings=blue, 299-200=green, etc. However, there is a category classified as "less than 100 lynchings or the number of blacks lynched is equal to or less than the number of whites lynched". There also is a separate category for the states with "zero lynchings". Some in my English class say that zero and the former category should be combined, based on the fact that zero is less than 100 and 0 is equal to zero. I am of the opinion, however, that since zero is the absence of a value and you cannot realistically measure non-values of a tangible thing, zero has its own category. Thoughts, anyone?
  18. I myself am a creationist believer, but in my mind that does not mingle with science. There should be and generally is a definitive line between Religion and Science. Both theories (Theory of Creationism & Theory of Evolution) are simply Theories. Thus each has many pieces of evidence and also many holes. In my own mind they are considered incomparable because one is a theory of Religion and the other of Science. This is why the debate has not been and probably never will be dissolved completely. Just my thought.
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