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  1. yes Well dust is a good home for microbial life, I think people have found that various metals can be taken up by those populations.
  2. Thanks all of you for suggest your suggestion. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedHi toastywombel I agreed with you, and I interested in php, so i join the php course.
  3. Hi, Anybody tell me what is best for do course in Dotnet or PHP. Thanks
  4. I have completed BCA now what can do for better future in post graduation. like MCA, M.SC-IT.
  5. Thanks foodchain, This is very helpful article written by you.
  6. thinkbizom


    I think that would do a lot of damage, but if you have to get head shots I think I would prefer a 8mm or some other smaller gun. I think a 8mm would be nice because of how much ammo you can have in a mag, plus how much you could carry, plus chance of finding more. I would just avoid social interaction and choose not to be found in the case of some virus like the T virus, but if I did come into contact with people, I know I would think about escape. thanks
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