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  1. I beleiev Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen said it the best. "I can see the past present and future, but there is nothing I can do." Yes, we are all decided already. Why do I know this? Well, if time travel existed imagine looking through a door at yourself. You see yourself 24 hours from now. Free will says that in 24 hours you can choose to not look at yourself. Well, missing this event in history cannot happen, period. You have already seen yourself, you need to see yourself in the past now, because your past self saw you. So, history has already happened, you don't have a choice in the matter.
  2. Okay, I may sound like a broken record but the 2012 "end of the world" doomsday. Follow me here. In basic terms, time repeats itself. In a theory of time every moment in time must eventually repeat itself. So, hypothetically, the big bang can be explained as a human event. Look at the LHC (i believe that is what it is called) that is soon to create a synthetic "big bang". Well, if this theory of time is true, then I believe that the big bang was created in a lab and we are stuck in an infinite loop. Every time the big bang is created it starts the line over, not like time travel, but rather following time laws of massive events repeating themselves. That would explain gravity as well because it has always been, its just being repeated over and over again. This misses the very key point as to how we all got her in the first place, but its a way to look at the end of the world. Another option, Harvard studies have proven that energy can be created from nothing. Atoms are appearing constantly and disappearing in the vacuum of space every day. This explains the big bang in a way that "all the atoms appeared and stayed there so long that eventually a reaction occurred" but, here's the thing let's say, hypothetically, that there are a limited amount of atoms in existence, and really we aren't creating the energy from nothing but its energy appearing and disappearing. So, 2012 is the date when we run out of energy. Then what happens? Does gravity become too great and crush everything in the universe in on itself? What do you have to say on this matter?
  3. The future is a belief that cannot be ever physically proven. The second you see the future even through time travel, it becomes the present because you are observing it. So every second of every day the future is being created as the light hits the atoms of everything in different ways, but is being turned into the present. Perhaps the future is what we cannot see. Space, or the sun itself. Perhaps within light itself is the future, because it already hits itself and extends beyond all at the same time.
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