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  1. if you dont have any resistence when opperating large forces like millions of volts and amperages in a collider like set up looking for something of course it will blow up especialy if there is no time left and nothing there ..of course you need to turn the power down to regain real time as man sees it ..the hysterics are thrown out the window .the is no latent' time left .yuo momentarily cross over to where there is no time and no gluons either so you were only aiming a gun at nothing and it expended it self for nothing ..the swiss partical collider was on the brink of a 'time-warp ' because
  2. man has noticed at molecular-quantum level of observation he cannot look with out changing what he is inteligently and cooly looking at ..same as when he looks at a woman ..artifical inteligents is also ..cool and changes when its looked at ..when a scientist is anylising the quantum world on the results of a massive particle collider and ever time he observes it changes no matter how many times he looks as he cannot know the position is he knows the mass and viser verser ..he eventualy looses his cool and is frustrated because some how at the other end of the equation is an inteligents which
  3. man has destroyed the refractive incidence index of the earth's capability of hiding it self from the harmfull effects of gama and suns rays and will not allow any one to stop him by pollution of the atmosphere and changing the vegetation of the earth ..just as man is capable of now making his military equipement invisible from light by refraction of the light rays around the object in question man has dstroyed any possibility of ever reproducing the refractive requirement of the earth to remain hiden from the sun and now is heating up the earth because now the earth is reflecting light instea
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