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  1. KinG


    wait , so your saying take prozac before you do ecstasy? lol
  2. KinG


    ok thanks alot
  3. KinG


    but the question im basically asking is, there isnt just some freak reaction that someone can have to mdma like someone else cant u no what i mean?
  4. KinG


    oh i forgot, i have done it a couple of times and nothing bad has really happened but my friend is curious and wants to try it but she is scared so i dont know what to tell her
  5. KinG


    hey guys i have a question about the 1 out of 100,000 ecstasy users die from there first time with use of the drug mdma. Now is this true and if so, how is this possible? does this include medical problems? mixing drugs? or taking with MAOIS, or other medication?
  6. i also meant to give another example, like for instance, i fell asleep yesterday laying in the sun outside, for a good 10 mins, i woke up and it felt like 2 hours had gone by, whats the explanation for that?
  7. what about when your sleeping? because when you sleep and you dream doesn't it seem like you create time? I mean within 8 hours of sleep its almost neverending, so many things can happen within that short of realistic time right?
  8. KinG


    haha i understand
  9. well i was aware of all the side effects except stunting of growth, which is of my biggest concern now being im only 5'4", and plan on growing more
  10. ashes could have been the burning of the infested bodies?
  11. yea it wasn't critically neccessary my dermatologist is just an asshole and vaguely described the drug to me. Practically brain washed me into taking it, bragging about how it worked wonders for her sons with no side effects. I called up the company who makes it and told them i was having problems, they jumped all over it. They wanted full detail of my problems, and then the woman said something about growth stunt, and how there has been random cases of stunting of growth. I got very angry because im only 16 years old and haven't stopped growing yet and none of the forms or any information about this drug that i was told about said NOTHING about stunting growth. If this is the case the company would be in some legal trouble.
  12. KinG


    so then i shouldn't have any worries about psilocybin ? because im trying it out this summer, and just wanted to make sure that its not too much of a risk, because i heard people tell me it wasn't though.
  13. Hey guys, few months back i made a mistake by taking this acne medicine called Accutane. I took it for about 2 weeks and then i stopped , i couldnt handle it anymore. After i started taking it, my vision quality has decreased. for instance, I tend to lose focus with my eyes alot. Like when watching tv or anything else. I made an appointment with an eye doctor next month, but i was curious if anybody had any insight on this. Thanks
  14. KinG


    Hey i have a question about mushrooms and psilocybin. It's been an interesting topic to me and im curious what the hazards and effects this has on the brain or the body. Please inform me heh
  15. shyt, i hope it doesnt have any severe long term effects
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