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  1. Haha...nah I could care less if you try to make it yourselves. Just be sure to let me know if you have success Yeah..I think you guys are right on the thick liquid vs. a gel. I will tinker with this some more and hopefully I can get similar results.
  2. Hey guys. New to this forum...first post. I have looked endlessly to try and find out how to make this material but apparently no one knows how...or has no reason to try. Ill keep it pretty simple. Im trying to accomplish what this guy did in this video. Basically needs to be an opaque gel like material that when you run something across it or put something ontop of it it move away...and then it moves back. http://inventorspot.com/articles/delightable_excites_and_delights_8050 I've experimented with some ridiculous househould chemicals with lackluster results. Either it's too thick
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