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  1. Since I read Gleick's book on chaos back about 10 or more years ago, I've been quite sure it was only a matter of time before we found some fractal property to the cosmos, as it seems absurd that systems with fractal properties would be confined to sub-galactic or even sub-planetary sizes. The team that are proponents of the fractal structure are arguing that gravity along should only have been able to create super-galactic structures some 30 million light years in size or, and some structures like the 'great wall' absoloutely dwarf that. Others are arguing that future deep sky surveys wi
  2. I've said this before, and I will say it again. Creationists are hypocrites of the highest order. 1 - They refuse to believe in a 'creator' subtle and intelligent enough to create the universe in a way that hides itself from humankind (I have an entirely open mind on this, I consider myself an atheist, but from a positivist standpoint i.e. there is no direct evidence for an intelligent creator) 2 - They threaten to annihilate their own religious beliefs by attempting to put them in a ring with science, where their total lack of evidence leave them open to being completely proven 'wron
  3. I agree. I can't recall the source, but a lot of evidence recently pointed to an evolutionary advantage for belief in the supernatural. With human beings as intelligent as they are compared to other creatures, it often seems like we need to believe in something 'beyond' just to make a pretty grim world more palatable.
  4. For me personally, the real danger and harm in global warming is not necessarily the effect is has on human populations. Over a short timescale geologically, yes, a large number of people will die, not because they do not know the changes are coming, but because they'll always feel like they have another day/week/month/year to do something, or move away from troubled spots. I believe the real danger lies in: - The mass extinction of species that will undoubtedly occur due to climatic regions shifting/or dying out (i.e. the further north you go, the less distance 'north' there is to mo
  5. lol. Hard science there, from people who dispute radiometric dating, believe dinosaurs and man coexisted, believe the grand canyon was made during the biblical flood and last but not least, that the world is 6000 years old because they've added up a bunch of people's ages in a book. Round of applause.
  6. Red_Ninja

    The EU

    Not if you read Marx. Seriously though, folks - subjective accounts of various EU related 'experiences' don't add up to a convincing argument. Look at the sheer quantity of trade taking place between EU nations and then knock down the EU and add tariffs to all that. Most anti-EU people are staunch nationalists even if they refuse to admit it.
  7. What information ? That you're a top-secret dude who's been scanning people's minds in Australia ? That's very nice for you. I on the other hand can launch nuclear missiles by whilstling into a phone. I'd tell you all about it but it's top secret. Shh.
  8. Hi. Was away a few days. It's all very well to leave religion out of it, but inevitably the arguments against evolution have an instrinic bias. These arguments tend to portray a 'debate' that is essentially non-existent in the scientific community. Therefore you have a situation where laypeople argue with scientists or scientifically-minded people. The debate will go in circles, and the goalposts will be continually changed. And the reason behind this is inevitably attuned to the tastes of those who believe in the book of genesis as a solid, literal account of creation. I believe you
  9. I really, really, cannot understand why people choose to attack evolution in favour of religious ideas. They do not seem to understand that while they keep their views in the area of religion, they're safe. Because it's 'faith' and not based on evidence, nobody has a problem with them believing everything they want to. But instead, they attempt to attack evolution as a science because it disagrees with a very old book that for some reason is taken by many (particularly in the US) as a _literal_ truth. Catholicism is excepted from this as it has stated plenty of times that evolution is not inco
  10. Scientific method has always just struck me as an extrapolation of common sense Da Vinci was way ahead of his time.
  11. Conditions on Mars don't favour complex life. There isn't enough gravity to hold anything more than a thin atmosphere. Mars is much less massive than Earth. It is also a lot further from the sun and so is much colder. Because of these two factors, most areas on Mars swing between two extremes of temperature because there is no atmosphere to hold on to heat. In other words, Mars is a ball of rock and that's likely all it's ever been.
  12. Your posts are aggressive as well as moronic. OK. Take your own advice, and fully prove that it is impossible for the modern day human species to erect a structure like the pyramids at Giza. Start by proving that, and then move on to proving that this is due to a loss of complexity in our DNA that suddenly occurred and reversed the trend in evolution that had been going for, oh, four and a half billion years or so. Bear in mind Md, one of the most important tools that got the pyramids built was the whip. You're extremely wrong and I would recommend you read a few books befo
  13. We think, remember, visualise and plan, and we have opposable thumbs. We can modify the world around us. That's why there's six and a bit billion of us and counting. Funnily enough I don't think we're smart enough for there to be similar numbers of us around in fifty years or so. One of those things I suppose
  14. Debunks the butterfly effect ? OK, debunked as a silly little phrase about butterflies causing tornadoes. He certainly hasn't debunked sensitive dependence on initial conditions. If he had we'd know what weather to expect this Christmas. The Lorenzian equations are telling because they are a deterministic, abstract simplification of a real system. And you still cannot tell what it's going to do, it will behave in an infinitely complex manner. The Lorenz attractor shows a system with three dimensions in phase space (or three variables) - how many dimensions does the real climate have
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