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  1. Thanks for the replies. I had an argue with religious Jew about the age of Earth. He told me that carbon 14 dating can be cheated. I guess from the method you suggested it will be very easy to discover manipulation. However Suess effect can indeed influence the accuracy of the radioactive dating.
  2. What are the factor that influence the rate of the reaction in which decays carboon 14 into nitrogen-14? Does heat or radiation can have impact on the rate.
  3. That is why I ask whether there is a function in spreadsheet that can calculate this without me changing 8:30 to 8.5
  4. Hi I need to use excel or any type of spreadsheet to calculate my work hours. In other words I need to calculate how many hours did I work. Anyway I used excel in one square I write the time that I begin, like for example 5:30, in other square I write the time I finished to work like 14:00. Now what function can I used that it will calculate that time that I worked in hour unit. So that in the case of the example it will give me 8.5 hours. Thanks for the help.
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