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  1. the sulphur in the fuel is not necessary but i dont know wether it affects performance or not.. the propellant can be used as 65/35 kno3/sugar respectively with a few % of iron oxide catalyst.. that way you dont have to melt the ingridients either. the core does not collapse because the propellant is compressed inside the tube and so is not soft and crumbly..
  2. well there are lots of different thermit reactions out there Fe2o3/al CuO/Al caso4/al to name a few. caso4/al is the hardest to light but the difference between reactivity is the least.. so perhaps theres a link there?. i dont make many thermites really.. theres not much you can do with them and they get boring very quickly.
  3. lets discuss the rocket fuel H3, this is potassium chlorate/charcoal in a ratio of 77/23 respectively (from Takeo Shimizu) this propellant is often changed to naclo3/c because the sodium chlorate is easier to obtain. so what are peoples experiences with it. it obviosly doesnt need a core as it burns fast enough anyone have comments on performance or safety precautions?. is it safe to ram?
  4. its because Oxygen has 2 unpaired electrons. These therefore mean that oxygen becomes slightly negatively charged (aswell as the fact that the probability of finding electrons closer to the oxygen is greater than the other way round). This gives oxygen a slightly negative charge (or delta negative) and hydrogen a slightly positive charge (delta positive). because of this each hydrogen atom is attracted to an oxygen atom of another molecule. This explains cohesion between the molecules and also the abnormaly high boiling point of water. it easily dissolves ionic compounds as these can also form temporary bonds between the water molecules. This also explains why the latent heat of water is huge 4.2kjkg-1k-1 (this is the amount of heat energy ,in kelvin, 1kg of water can absorb) this explains why burns from boiling water are very painful
  5. noooo. youre wasting it. why in the world would you use potassium Nitrate for something as useless as chilli peppers. Do chilli pepers give you an adrenaline rush like a blackpowder rocket goung 600 feet in the air?....thought not. Wannabe pyros?. ok ill give you that one, but i have made some decent rockets with some nice headings to match them!.
  6. not my style...i like to watch things blow up and construct beautifull effects in my fireworks. what are you displacing
  7. dont they use blackpowder in "firework" ropckets? thats what makes them so expensive i suppose. i would have thought that a propellant which contains a metal would burn very hot. (lol. about those posts i posted one post 3 times cos ma comp is so slow and i had to make them into 3 different posts so that i wouldnt look like a jackass so i just made up some irrelevant q's lol)
  8. yes rockets do take a while to construct and perfect especially potassium nitrate/sugar ones which are the most simple
  9. kclo4 and al...thought that might burn a bit fast and way too hot. the nozzle would surely not hold up to that temperature. and KClO4 is expensive and hard to get. i think gunpowder would surely be a better choice. Anyway i never knew that KClO4 based comps existed...interesting rocket propellant but not very realistic for anyone in the uk...that might explain why i dont know anything about it. do you mean D as in estes, because they use a gunpowder variant propellant wouldnt be legal?. i dont think any propellant is legal for "home use" if you havent got any sort of license. i think they only let you make 50g of gunpowder for "experimentation" thats not enough for a decent sized rocket!.
  10. my bad i meant ive never heard of a potassium perchlorate based rocket comp anyway candy rocket fuel is often used for large motors also and thats not ammonium perchlorate based, although it has a low specific impulse.
  11. i have never heard of a potassium perchlorate based rocket comp. if you mean H3 then its chlorate/charcoal. anyway perchlorate is a lot more stable than chlorate. and yes h3 has a hell of a lot of power. oh and you must also be mighty rich to be using KClO4 based rocket fuel
  12. copper oxide and aluminium is dam fast. but calcium sulphate and aluminium burns extremely hot and is castable.
  13. i think the water reacts with the molten iron to produce iron oxide and hydrogen. The hydrogen is the gas that causes the explosion, and because the iron is molten the reaction is extremely fast
  14. even £20 a kilo is deer. http://www.gardendirect.co.uk they sell for £10 for 2kgs. and ive even got 25kgs for £16.00. And seing as its agricultural grade its pure enough for almost any application
  15. i dont know why the hell you want to make potassium nitrate with something thats much more valuable. potassium nitrate is cheap as hell. the easiest way would be to react sodium carbonate with nitric acid
  16. you shouldnt make kclo3/sugar mixtures because they are very sensitive to friction and heat. The thing you describe about the kmno4 is also true when its used with aluminium powder. the only difference is that it burns very fast in the open (almost self confining). But as yt2095 rightly said, as soon as you put it in a tough container its more like a silver fountain because it doesnt produce enough gas to rupture it.
  17. aluminium and potassium chlorate is NOT flash powder. flash powder is potassium PERchlorate and aluminium. But it can vary. The reason its not a flash powder is because it burns very slowly/hardly at all. if it did burn well then chlorate/Al would be used for flash as KClO3 is easier and cheaper to get than KClO4.
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