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  1. we should know the periodu other wise we cant know the answer.
  2. ill check them thank you. Does their book have challenging exercises?
  3. necessary data 1 mass of object 2 fraction between mass and floor 3 how much time the force will be applied 4 the diagram of force-time or probability density of that diagram( to find mean value and standard deviation) but for more precise solution the diagram would be good. 5 G 6 the angle between the force vector and object 7 the cohesion between hand and object 8 the air pressure of environment also shape of object to calculate the boundary conditions of air. 9 the place of the experiment to calculate the centrifugal effect of earth. bla bla bla in conclusion you cant know the exact acceleration unless you have an enormous data. i can only tell you the possibilities.
  4. i got that book vol2. i can understand it. and it has detailed proofs which i didn't saw at my previous book . so thank you good advice. but its a little old so i dont know is it a problem or not?
  5. the 3d harmonic oscillator potential is super spherically symmetric what does it means. Wikipedia didn't help me so much.
  6. you didnt get my question so i try to explain it ...
  7. calorimeter calculates the heat. q=mc delta t t is the tlast - t0 ideal clcmeter doesnt gives any heat to outside or gets from outside . so it only measures your reactions heat. for example you make a exothermic solution. so you need to measure your solutions c m and the time of reaction you ll find q(enthalpy). but you cant know the c so you make the reaction in clcmeter it ll show the q.
  8. you are talking about the quantum number for the composite systems there is no place for m at this situation . H=-gamma b0 Sz is the Hamiltonian matrix for the spin at the magnetic fields . and you can change the axis whit Schrodinger equation ih dx/x =H x where is x is eigenspinor .
  9. B=B[math]_{0}[/math]cos([math]\omega[/math]t)k an electron is at rest in an oscillating field bo and omega is constant and k is operator for z how to construct the Hamiltonian matrix ? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedi tougth H=-b0[math]\gamma[/math]h/2[math]\sigma[/math][math]_{z}[/math]
  10. h2s or h2s2 i cant remember but its odor is like a shit we used it alot at chem 102. but i don't remember how to make it.
  11. hormones genetics reproductive system phenotypes the differences at blood count etc.
  12. cn solutions are extremely dangerous also they can pass through the gloves.
  13. its a some kind of power series expansion
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