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  1. Hi!How ı can study at ETH? I sent message but because ı am at turkey this make it some problem.
  2. Very thanks for your answer.
  3. Hi.Thanks for your answer."Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule in Zurich" What do you think about this university?
  4. I am sorry,I didn´t recognize "university" word and ı have austrian citizenship.This citizenship can utilize me? How ı can learn Englisch rapidly?. I sent a meassage to MIT and they answered me,that ı have to make IELTS exam.I investigated and found it.Its not easy,its difficult.I hope,I will achieve it.
  5. Hi! I from Turkey and I am 16 years old.I want studying in MIT univercity.I want Physics studying.(Quantum or Particle Physics)How I can enter it?Can you help me?
  6. Hi! I wanna learn particle only be form in only hadron collider or they can be form alone.(I mentioned particle:kaon,pion,...,)
  7. when ı say how can make it? How can quasar be flash and how can quasar to turn matter out of in? (Sorry!My english it´s not very good.)
  8. I have read it.I would like now it How can make it? By stronge nuclear force or other force?
  9. Hi I would like know what is the quasar? Thanks!!!
  10. Can we put this Mg mechanic tool? Does the light absorption of Mg there?
  11. I can not speak good English will be bad if I apologize for my words.How can Chlorophyll absorb light and Chlorophyll can use it?
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