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  1. Give me a simantic break right-wing mother!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????? Get a life that has a meaning!!!!!!!
  2. True, *I dont see France and Germany go to war over this but is not that a compliment. Bush is a pro-haliburton/ twat and you are a repuiblican agitator. Why dont you wage war on the 69 countries who break the UN convention on human rights every day. Hypocrit republican Bastard.
  3. The US administration decided to go in to Iraq long before September 11th, an event which Iraq had nothing to do with. The control over the oil was the reasoning behind a report commisioned by 'the project for a new american century' in the late 90's. This lobbying group was set up for the interests of big buisness. Many of those in this group or associated with it, now make up Bush's administration or are key policy advisors. The war against Iraq was plotted by those who did not have direct power to turn policy in to reality. When Bush won the election this changed. The key reason for the war was the oil, although other birds were killed with the stone, for example the opportunity to demonstrate hegemony in the middle east and the chance for new military bases given the political instability of Saudi Arabia. Other things fall in to place, such as the massive domestic appetite of the US for oil. Keep the oil flowing and keep the votes coming. Threats to Iran are no coincedence, they too posses massive natural reserves. Democracy and liberation are big words but to put them forward as the reason behind this war are hypocritical. Equatorial Guinee supplys 15% of US domestic oil and Bush wants this to rise to 25%. Equatorial Guinee has a dictatorship, terrible poverty and a disgraceful human rights record. But the dictator there plays ball with the republican administration and so is left alone and his crimes are kept from the publics gaze. An infamous and evil dictator once said "the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it". Not much has changed in my view.
  4. I know this is not a forum for political campaigns. But I don't care. If it gets me thrown off then so what. What is happening here is horrific. Coca Cola are responsible for terrible attrocities in Colombia. Killing union officials is common place. Support your fellow workers and demand an end to the killing. Write or email coca cola and demand they stop this now. http://www.killercoke.org/
  5. The war in Russia was brutal and decisive. Whilst other areas were important and sapped German strength, Russia was where most people died and where at least 2/3 of German strength was always engaged. Some military historians agree that Stalingrad was the major turning point of world war 2. It was not only a huge victory for the USSR, it was also the first real time that German propaganda could not hide the massive losses in men from the public. Others will say Kursk in mid 1943 was the decisive nail in the German coffin. The battle of Kursk was the largest tank battle in history and the German losses were irreplacable. After this Germany never went on a major offencive again in the east. All German defeats were important but without the terrible sacrifices and victories of the USSR I doubt the Normandy invasion would have taken place. An estimated 6 million Germans died in the last six months of the war, with most dying on the eastern front. If a war can be won by bombing alone why did German production increase in 1944 to its highest amount of the war and why was did the invasion of Europe take place.
  6. People are mixing up Lenigrad with Stalingrad. Stalingad was the major defeat. P.S atinymonkey, is that picture Ivan (aah didn't do it) Dobsky from the brilliant monkey dust.
  7. Oswald did try to shoot the general (general Walker) but this was a completely seperate incident 6 months prior to the murder of JFK. The general wasn't even present. So to say that the bullet went through the general and then JFK is complete and utter rubbish. I am not saying that Oswald made an assassination attempt whilst another seperate attempt was being made 100 yards down the road (that would be ridiculous). I am saying Oswald was part of this conspiricy and shot from behind. 'Jack Ruby' shot Oswald 2 days after JFK, live on TV and was convicted of murder and died in jail.
  8. Who has proven this? The answer is it has never been proven! Oswald was a tremendous marksman. That is proved by his marine records which show his abilities with a rifle were exellent. There is overwhelming evidence Oswald shot from behind. There is very good evidence he did not fire the fatal head shot.
  9. He was hit in the neck, but then a few seconds later in the head. 2 separate bullets. I don't even know what teeter-totters are. I say a projectile at a speed of 1300mph hits and causes substantial movement of the head. I believe that a vortex of brain matter, blood etc, that shot out of the head, would not have anywhere near the force to counter-act a high powered bullet. For me the case has always been closed on a single assassin, someone took a shot from the front and Kennedys head movement shows this. Anti-conspiricy theorists have always had trouble explaining that head movement. Its the one real area where their arguement breaks down. There have been lots of people who say Oswald acted alone over the years and some have nearly convinced me. But then they clutch at straws in the case of the head movement.
  10. Ive heard the vortex argument but I would think that this would take time to counter-act the momentum caused by the bullet velocity (when the bullet energy is spent) and cause opposite movement or none at all. If arguing for a front right shooter the violent head movement shown in the Zappruder film appears to me to solidify this argument. Common sence is a great thing and peoples heads are not water bottles. To say that Newtonian physics must over-ride over-ambitious science (which only applys in the minority of cases) is correct. The head moved consistant to a projectile hitting from the front right.
  11. Fact= The fatal shot that killed Kennedy caused his head to go back and to the left. I cannot fathom how a shot from the back could do this. I know there are other factors but using Newtonian law alone common sence tells us that his head must move in the direction the projectile was going. A bullet travelling at 1300mph that hits someone in the head must be the over-riding factor in which direction the head will move. What do you all think? Surely something with such force must have the greatest effect in determining which direction the target will move?
  12. The hydro plants that do that are inefficient producers of energy. They buy the electricity to pump the water up at cheap rate and release it at peak time and sell it to the grid at peak time. Behind the dam is stored 'potential energy'.
  13. I have read both the books by John Gribben Schrodinger's cat and the kittens follow-up. They are both exellent books. In the case of the wave collapse it is crazy that when particles are observed that they suddenly decide where they are and their history. But it happens. Does anyone have any real idea how a photon can communicate as in the CERN experiment where this phenominum was recorded?
  14. It would be great if all kids wanted to know the fundementals of nature like you do. Good luck, you might be the next Einstein, or even Bhor
  15. Conservatives love to blame youth voilence on video games and heavy-metal music whilst totaly ignoring the real reasons.
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