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  1. not to mention the bizarre manner in which planets would form in the first place if they were hollow, and how they manage to stay that way
  2. bah, getting warming every year in New York, i'm going to have to move to buffalo soon.
  3. i'm not much older than you, but i do know that i learned more from reading hard science fiction than from physics class.
  4. It's called Tiamet, it was made in the part of Larry Niven's known space series, and is referenced in a number of his stories. The main purpose of it is to make a habitat in it, spin it, thus creating an enviroment with gravity. Niven speculated that childbirth would not be possible in zero gravity, and the society of belters living in the asteroid belt would value Tiamet, as they would not have to visit Earth just to have children. I know Niven, i just don't know physics.
  5. i think we all see the solution here- massive television sets ( the old kind)
  6. The first star wars program may have failed, but it would be reasonable to assume that another one will be started or has already started. Is the concept even possible? And if so, how far do you think we are from being able to make it?
  7. it's hard to determine if it's alive, because it is man made and in an enviroment unlike any other lifeform we have ever studied. Comparing it to other life forms is difficult, especially with common arguments of what is required in a life form.
  8. 1113122113121113222123211211131221232112311311222112111312211311123113322112132112213221133112132123123112111312211332112221131221 ... ow
  9. well the first five look right. anyone feel like writing a computer program to come up with the next anwser?
  10. Tigerbeam

    Men Not Included!

    as long as the child has a father figure for the first 16 years or so of their life, they'll be alright. the only reason for that father figure to be the biological one would be because of societal pressures, and i don't think there is any basic need for knowing who your true parents are.
  11. im just interested in how the humanzee will be used in the "evolution vs intelligent design" argument. it could make for some great political ads. the premise isn't immoral, but the way people might try to treat it will be
  12. i think religion always tries to strike at science whenever science doesn't have an immediate massive positive effect. when it leads to a new everday technological neccesity, the arguments against science seem to die out pretty quickly. when it's just some theory explaining out past, who needs that kind of heresy around? its nothing more than religion trying to hang scientist in a more civilized manner, and the case should get kicked out
  13. hmmm... i hadn't figured on how quickly this thing grows. i was trying to check the latest answer and had an anorism, so il go ahead and stop checking em
  14. my first memory was at age four. My cousin told me to pour my pepsi on the floor, which i did. Good thing my cousin lived five hours away, cause back then i did everything he told me to. Maybe it was because he was my hero and my getting in trouble for things he told me to do i remember being betrayed, although he was only five so now i know he didn't know any better.
  15. high school, sorta. its assuming i dont fail this year.
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