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  1. @swansont Replication can demonstrate what the utility or lack thereof of this device/process. Spaceheater? Perhaps.
  2. I am neither a believer or a non-believer, I am an experimenter.

  3. @Strange With all due respect, Strange, your certainty confuses me. As does your quote of the data. Elsewhere in the document find many runs where output exceeds input. Read. Bottom line, in my opinion, this needs verification. Replication. Thank you for sharing your perspective, Strange. @swansont Replication can demonstrate what the utility or lack thereof of this device/process might be. Spaceheater? Perhaps. Paperweight? At this juncture, Strange claims it is. Apologies for putting words and thoughts into other posters.
  4. https://www.lenr-canr.org/acrobat/MizunoTincreasede.pdf Increased Excess Heat from Palladium Deposited on Nickel Tadahiko Mizuno Hydrogen Engineering Application and Development Company, Kita 12, Nishi 4, Kita-ku, Sapporo 001-0012, Japan head-mizuno@lake.ocn.ne.jp Jed Rothwell LENR-CANR.org, 1954 Airport Road, Suite 204, Chamblee, GA 30341, U.S.A. JedRothwell@gmail.com Abstract We have developed an improved method of producing excess heat with nickel mesh coated with palladium. The new method produces higher power, a larger output to input ratio, and it can be controlled effectively. With 50 W of input, it produces ~250 W of excess heat, and with 300 W it produces ~2 to 3 kW. This paper is a comprehensive description of the apparatus, the reactant, and the method. We hope this paper will allow others to replicate the experiment. Keywords: Air flow calorimetry, Deuterium gas, Excess heat, Nickel reactant, Pd coating, Simple method.
  5. The mechanism is entirely visible in the sense of exposure. But the fine detail of the parts, their specifications, is not laid out. They will show live testing which will clear up some things. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Your comments are premature. An analysis of all the energies involved is necessary to give an informed opinion. This requires a level of detail not yet shared - masses, resistances, materials. However. They will show more live testing soon.
  6. Hello John. Actually their proof of concept is quite efficient. The working principles are far afield from most electric motors. It is true that the windings, like all windings, experience Joule heating. However, when building one you do take this into account. I am interested in discussing the various energies involved: electrical input, RKE, Joule heating, electrical output, and inductance. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged It is because there are aspects of the design which are not apparent in the exploded view and in the videos. These aspects are discussed in great detail in Steorn's private forum. Your embodiment is lacking these aspects. I know this because I am a member of the SKDB. I can discuss issues related to energy auditing of the machines, if you are interested.
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