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  1. http://world.honda.com/news/2005/c051213_10.html Perhaps they will at least make us coffee
  2. I know many people here are young like me (19) so I was wondering if you are concerned or excited to experience the world in the next 50 years. The electronic revolution we live will only grow exponentially. Thinking about the technology available 50 years from now stretches the imagination as far as it can go. Nanotechnology poses many exciting solutions, but can also cause problems. Global warming and overpopulation threaten the ecosystem. And what will our nations be like if there is no viable solution to the energy crisis? So in 50 years will we be living a peaceful society; our massive cities powered by cold fusion, having Honda robots cook us diner? Will be in biohazard suits? Will coastal cities be underwater, or covered by ice? Will it be like 1984? I don’t know… no body knows. But when I read the news everyday, I sometimes see a very bad future, and sometimes a very good and exciting future. So this is all the stuff I think about everyday, and considering that 70 might actually be considered middle aged in the future or at least not that old, (I stay healthy) I think its important we are concerned. So what do you guys think?
  3. If you play hit me baby one more time, by britney spears, backwards its sounds like... "Sleep with me im not too young" i dunno.. look it up...
  4. how about we kill a bunch of lizards, bury them in our back yard and wait 300 million years? also what about nanotechnology? might that promise a solution?
  5. How about movies with realistic physics? Im thinking Saving Private Ryan, band of brothers, and thats all that comes to mind? I guess there really arent any
  6. Well, I think none of us can say with certanity about 9/11, maybe it was a plane, but maybe the goverment was behind it or had a hand in it. Or maybe is really was a terrorist attack... Because after all there is always doubt... But I don't think it would be in country's best intrest to lets say prove with some real evidence that the goverment was behind it. Its best to keep this story the way it is, even if its not true. I think it would cause choas, probably riots, severe mistrust of the government, probably economic chaos if such evidence were to come out. And lets say the government was behind 9/11... In that case, there probably would be a very good reason to kill 3,000 U.S. citizens.... one that would perhaps benefit the nation 15, 20 years down the road , lets say when oil runs out or something... I don't know... I mean theories say that Pearl Harbour was known about.. well look what WW2 did for the country...
  7. right!... or an easier way: "Which door would the other guard say leads to hell?"
  8. Doesnt help you get to heaven... Just tells you which one lies/tells the truth. (you don't know which guard is guarding which door)
  9. This one is a pretty well known logic question, but probably the hardest of its kind I've come across... I figure I'll post it incase some people don't know about it Your in a hallway with two doors. One leads to hell, one leads to heaven. There is a guard standing by each door. One of the guards always tells the truth and the other one always lies. You have one question to ask, what will it be? (assuming you want to go to heaven) Thats the all info you have... Don't google it if you know any other ones that are harder than this post them up...
  10. ya but i thought you had to take the picture yourself
  11. how did you take a photo of atoms?
  12. wow, better so far than most resources I've come across... good luck to you guys, I hope this turns out big
  13. dot matrix display? or at least some kind of display with all red showing?
  14. I know we still have hair and such from people like Mozart and Beethoven and I am sure many other brilliant minds (like Einstein’s maybe)? Is anyone making an attempt to save their DNA so that in the future analysis could be done to see if there was something different about in the genetic code in order to see what made them tick? I know it might sound stupid, but I think once genetic engineering comes around, it might be important… no?
  15. 100x1 = 100 50 + 50 = 100 So is that correct?
  16. Some guy did it to 20,000; took him 5 hours or so to recite it, but he got it all done with no messups... saw it on TV... he is wiz with numbers to say the least....
  17. exactly thats what this fact would support...
  18. yes I believe they have, I know a team in Germany extracted neanderthal DNA, so I am assuming they must have extracted ancient homo sapien... But even if it is not 70,000 years.. if it were 20,000 or 10,000 the fact would still be very interesting
  19. I remember hearing somewhere that our DNA is nearly the same as the Homo sapiens that lived say 70,000 years ago... which means if I take a baby born 70,000 years ago and put him in our society he would grow up normal (discounting for genetic diseases) and the same would work visa versa.. Is this true?
  20. Whats the porpoise of marrying a dolphin?
  21. I think everybody should just have more sex, its a natural and healthy euphoria...
  22. I would never leave my home... What if Rome never fell?
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