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  1. Well yes I've heard that one to. But there are theories which involve a energy type of dimention. Called Hyperspace. In theory speed is unlimited in Hyperspace. See the thing is if (using that anology of yours) the paper is space. And in order to get from one dot to another u need to bump past all the other atoms in that paper. Well instead of folding the whole space time continuem just punch a hole through it. By doing so, if a Hyperspace does exist, it would be as if you jumped in a pool of very slippery gells. So in essence it could be possible. Even if it is so far fetched. Anther thing is, I believe that there is something faster than light speed. 2X lighspeed or Warp 2, well the object isn't really traveling faster. But it's like cheat code. If the fastest anything can travel is light speed this would work. Why not accelerate light in one dirrection at light speed then excelerate the rest of space in the opposite direction. Again using that analogy, move the paper in the opposite dirrection of the way your pencil is moving. This no matter how improbable could be possible.
  2. Dyson Sphere That's it. I couldn't remember the name I've seen that had a similar idea. :-D Consider this and EDIT. lol
  3. I've got an Idea and I would like somebody to help me bring it along. I've got no science backgroud so i'll try my best. Would it be possible to build a strong and tall enough wind turbine to reach the Jetstream? If not how about a stationary ship or something similar to it. Think of the possblitys. Do the the high speed of Jet streams, enormous amounts of pwer could be created. If not how's this. My idea is a Nova Sphere. In which the plan is to totaly surround a star inside a structure in order to harness all power comming from it? Maybe the metal or other substance used to surround it could be mixed with pure carbon and ion particles? Would any of this be possible?
  4. I know that Einstien said that light speed was impossible to break. But I've got a challenge for everyone here. FIND A WAY. lol. I'm not sure of his exact words but I know many people believe it is impossible because it is impossible to substane life at such speeds. But what would happen if you could shift a body into a complete energy form. Then how about if you switch the person back to matter even before the full transfer of matter to energy can be completed? Is this even remotly possible? If not post any and all Idea's of how to reach Warp speed here. Notice I said reach it, not survive it.
  5. Hmm I've got a question. If a boeing with that much jet fuel in is trapped inside a concrete structure like the Pentagon, then wouldn't the force of the explosion of Jet Fuel cause what's left of the plane to be incinerated? There for only small peices are found? :D
  6. Was this your idea? Cause there's something exactly like this that's sold around the world. I think it's called Ever Light Flash light.
  7. MFF Is the way to the future. Last I checked most standard ammunition is made of some type of metal. A metal that can be effected by magnetic waves. Well my idea is a 2 level magnetic shield. A negativly charged first layer and a extremly powerful positively charged second layer. The idea is by negatively charging the metal in the ammuntion, the strong possitive layer should bounce it back. Now in order for this to work the magnetic field should be EXTERMLY POWERFUL. A new stronger magnet should be developed for this to work. Lance Cho
  8. I wish I could draw. It's one of the things that unfortunatly I do not have. U guys might wanna know this, but I'm only 14 years old.
  9. Ok, first of all, the lighning isn't exactly stored inside a battery. The Inside of the box is actually a sphere. Inside the sphere is many battery like electro-magnetic items. Therefore the lightning will be jumping around. Since electricity seaks electricity.
  10. How can I get by the "ADMINISTRATIVE RIGHTS NEEDED" notice? I am currently a powered user, but the guy who programed my computer isn't alive so I have no idea how to get by it. And I don't want to re format my hard drive, or damadge the computer/network, or other things on my computer.
  11. Well To answer the first question in this thread: Here is my answer. If matter and anti-matter were to collide the resulting would not be a destruction of matter. It'll just be the transfer of matter into a new substance, a new item. So my answer is no the laws have not been changed, it is just how you interprit the writing. Lance Cho tr8b2@bellsouth.net AIM: Lancecho007
  12. This theory is a space fold theory. Scientist have always theorised away of folding space like a sheet of paer in have and than traveling through a vortex of some kind. But here is my side. If in theory this idea is the same as a basic equation, maybe the same goal can be achomplished by doing the reverse opereration. What would happen if you unfold yourself? Equation Model: y=(1/2)x 2y=x In this theory, the x variable is space, and the y value is yourself. As demonstrated by the equation such a throey migh work. But being a child I do not have the sufficiant data and resourses to even think beyond the theoretical part. Lance Cho tr8b2@bellsouth.net AIM: Lancecho007
  13. Well here's the way i theorise a possible time travel. In theory there is a "MEDIUM" where normal space and hyperspace are. If some type of explosion may fracture this border line. If this is possible then we can theorise that the speed in witch the matter of our human bodys will travel at a much faster rate. Also in my theory, the time in hyperspace is completly seperate to the time of normal space. The only thing rquired would be a enormas, spacial distortion particle.
  14. I am relativly new to this kind of thing. Anyway, I would like to see if anyone of my theorys might actually work. Copyright 2005 Theory of Lightning power My theory is fairly simple. A complex titanium box will be created. This box is covered in a very strong, electrical and thermal dispersal material. This container will have a very long lightning rod. On this rod will be a transformer like rod, that would decrease the strength of the lighning my 65%. Then the reduce shok will travel into the center of the container. The inside of the container would be lined with with powerfull electro magnetic lithiom battereis. MY theory is, If a positively charged lighning strike is contained inside this container, it could be used as a extremly, powerful, plenteful, and safe form of energy. I would like to have comments, improvements, and anything you have to offer. Lance Cho tr8b2@bellsouth.net AIM:lancecho007
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