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  1. Analog-to-digital converters targeted for use in medical implant devices serve an important role as the interface between analog signal and digital processing system. Usually, low power consumption is required for a long battery lifetime.In such application which requires low power consumption and moderate speed and resolution, one of the most prevalently used ADC architectures is the successive approximation register ADC.This thesis presents a design of an ultra-low power 9-bit SAR ADC in 0.13?m CMOS technology. Based on a literature review of SAR ADC design, the proposed SAR ADC combines a capacitive DAC with S/H circuit,uses a binary-weighted capacitor array for the DAC and utilises a dynamic latch comparator. Evaluation results show that at a supply voltage of 1.2V and an output rate of 1kS/s, the SAR ADC performs a total power consumption of 103nW and a signal-to-noise-and-distortion ratio of 54.4dB. Proper performance is achieved down to a supply voltage of 0.45V, with a power consumption of 16nW.Thanks.
  2. Ubuntu team is already planning for 9.10, which will see the light of day in October 2009. The desktop side will focus on beautification and an improved boot-up experience; the server side will target cloud computing.Ubuntu 9.10 is causing outrage and frustration, with early adopters wishing they'd stuck with previous versions of the Linux distro.Blank and flickering screens,failure to recognize hard drives, defaulting to the old 2.6.28 Linux kernel,and failure to get encryption running are taking their toll,as early adopters turn to the web for answers and log fresh bug reports in Ubuntu forums.
  3. I am not a scientist.But I have a knowledge of scientist.You have define very best definition about scientist.I like it.I guess to be a "real scientist" you must have made some new contribution to mankind's understanding.It means discover something and then report it.Thank you very much and Stay connected with me.
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