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  1. Use key to search “Equation mc2 that" or “Formula mc2 that" or youtube.com/watch?v=-adq-J2timw "We" meam "most of us"
  2. Please look my short video on Youtube, which I recently put there. I hope, interesting. “Equation mc2 that we do not understand” . I want to know your opinion. Thank you. Stanislav Spassky. For those who do not know the physics very well. Einstein in 1905 found the so-called formula of the equivalence of mass and energy.That is, the body having the mass M has an internal energy E = Mc ^ 2. This is a great energy. In finding the formula Einstein used the Special relativity theory and the derivation was rather complicated and opaque ( difficult in understanding in essence). And all his life Einstein repeated that this formula is a consequence of the Special relativity theory . And more than 100 years it is considered the highest achievement of physics (and Einstein). I show in the video that this formula can be derived without the Special relativity theory , and in two lines. Use key to search: “Equation mc2 that" or “Formula mc2 that" on Youtube or youtube.com/watch?v=-adq-J2timw
  3. For me, the term "physical significance" is very capacious (or ambiguous). Maybe I'm wrong. Open, please, that did you put into it. In dictionary : "physical significance" - “real sense” , “real meaning”. What are “real sense” , “real meaning”? I wrote how I understand “real sense of Compton wavelength”. Thanks. Please, see my articles. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Thanks. It's a real help. I'll deal with arXiv.org .
  4. I will be grateful to anyone who looks for my articles on physics. In our time of the information boom, of the information slagging, real colleagues' attention costs a lot. It is unlikely that my articles will be published in scientific journals. Spassky Stanislav, Moscow (Zelenograd).
  5. Any problem everyone can view from any viewpoint. Maybe even good, if problem is viewed from several viewpoints. However, I prefer the one that gives the most simple understanding. "The physical significance "... As to me, I prefer v=(mc^2)/h Compton wavelength=c/v Spassky Stanislav.
  6. See article stanislav.spassky.net/gravity.php?lng=eng , please. If to present the particles with nonzero rest-mass by localized wave objects similar to "standing wave" type, which are capable to move, with Compton wavelength, than gravity is brought to optical draw in area with lower value of C. Gravitational radius is deduced simply on made assumptions. Spassky Stanislav. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged If these categories give You more understanding... Well Spassky Stanislav.
  7. Put quest more exactly, please. Link between... Spassky Stanislav. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged See photos in article stanislav.spassky.net/electron.php?lng=eng Or key words in Google "spassky RHEED"
  8. The author analyzed the possibility to present the particles with nonzero rest-mass by localized wave objects similar to "standing wave" type, which are composed of multidirectional harmonics of approximately one frequency, objects, which are capable to move (to travel). This is a certain form of modified "running wave", closed on itself, that is modified photon. That is why in such objects some frequency prevails, which corresponds to Planck’s low and the waves with Compton wavelength. The article (key words "RHEED spassky") shows the samples of RHEED with evidence of the existence of these waves in the electron.
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