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  1. Serg you're right on the money. john321 is quite obviously a 'big mouth' and likes to 'big note himself'. On a previous post he said that he had answered 17questions correctly giving him an IQ of 185. Anyone who has answered more than 16 questions would know that after 16 correct answers the IQ score goes up by 2, therefore 17 correct answers would give an IQ score of 182 not 185.
  2. You could leave me a private message or email, I'll get back to you privately with my details. johny123
  3. Found on the international high iq societies "test for exceptional intelligence" Does anyone know how to do these problems? http://www.highiqsociety.org/img/gif/iqtests/hd3.jpg http://www.highiqsociety.org/img/gif/iqtests/hd6.jpg If anyone has issues posting in public then leave me a private message. I have the test answers to a number of the questions. johny123
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