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  1. So I get that it is "elegant" and "advanced" and stuff. How exactly do you graph ANYTHING with "i" in it though. Isn't it by definition, and "i"maginary number?!?!? Um... doesn't that mean that this equation is basically null? I don't see any unicorns in Einstein's Relativity equation...
  2. I recently read about industrial level Nitric Acid and Sulfuric Acid. The two were between 98-99% concentration and the Nitric acid was defined as "Red and Fuming" . I was wondering, is it possible to -using distillation - create solutions of these molarities without F-ing up your lab equipment ? Oh and I know, this is not something to try at home .
  3. Tritium water is made on a daily basis in the US. Of course it is government controlled and called "Heavy Heavy Water" as if from a Sesame Street character. It is used in Nuclear Reactions (for cooling I think) and to create Superheroes like the Flash .
  4. I understand that Relativity is Einstein's theory of the macroverse and it has been used to predict things with scary accuracy, and I understand that Quantum physics is a theory created by many men to define the microverse. I also understand that it can be used to predict the level of unpredictability at an atomic level. I know the absolute rudimentary concepts of string theory as well, though I know also that this is the most theoretical of these three theories, having no proof or experiments done to prove it. So, why do Quantum and General Relativistic theories counteract each other? What are the conflicting principles between the two? Which has more flaws? Who is the "father" of Quantum theory (most prominent thinker behind it... I want to say Heisenberg)? Why is String theory wrong (I hear it from all sides)? And why is it so hard to create good backing principles for string theory?
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but as of yet, we do not even know for sure if Electrons (and other sub-atomics) even have a "volume" per se. As far as I know (from internet sources), they are singular points, possibly infinitely small, emitting a repulsive radiation (negative electromagnetic for electrons.) In this sense, the force of gravity at or near a singularity, could simply compress the energy waves emitted by the electrons (effectively compressing the electron itself.) If applicable at all to other subatomic particles, a singularity could in theory, compress matter at a quantum level to arbitrarily small spaces. First post on the forum by the way, hi all!
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