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  1. Ahh, ok thanks you been a great help! I gave you positive rep
  2. ahh thanks, i have another idea. how could water lack oxygen when the air above it is filled with oxygen? can the oxygen not get in the water?
  3. Aw that's huge disappointment lol.. thanks for the advice guys, I'll talk about the report of dead fishes due to explosive growth of algae lol. Thanks guys! You've been a great help & This is a really friendly community! Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedOh, iNow, you mentioned plants and animals will die due to lack of oxygen. What kind of plant and animal did you have in mind? I could still make the beaver idea work! Lol
  4. That's a good idea, but my report has to talk about the negative impact of fertilizers
  5. For my chemistry class, I have to make a fictional news report in regards to At first I had a brilliant idea of me doing a news report of beavers or some other aquatic animal found dead because they drank the water that was containmented with fertilizer, now I'm starting to have my doubts, are fertilizers able to seriously harm or kill small animals? And if so, what is the most dangerous kind of fertilizer?
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