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  1. from what i have read somewhere dolphins will automatically float back to the top and breathe in air while asleep.
  2. I seem to be more shy around people who are different from me like someone really talkative. If i meet someone i can relate to more I won't be shy at all. But I'm such a strange person thats hard to find
  3. i saw a really bright shooting star a few weeks ago. it was pretty cool
  4. There was a question i once heard about. It was if the sun were to suddenly disappear would earth immediatly be thrown off course or would it take a while? The sun's rays take about 8 min to get to earth, so would we be thrown off course and still see the sun there for 8 min? The answer they came up with is that since gravity is warped space, and the sun were to disappear it would cause a ripple in space at the speed of light and would take about 8 min for us to feel it so there would be no time gap.
  5. I don't think about it that much cause since i have no control over it i'm not gunna dwell on it. We've all never existed at one point anyway, we are just gunna go right back there right? Either that or move onto something else. So i just say enjoy life while you can
  6. i can't stand hearing someone rub their feet on carpet. it just gives me chills. It seems fine when i do it tho.
  7. When i was young i was put on ritalin cause they thought i had ADD. I have an overactive mind that will wander off when its bored. And i got bored a lot in school so i would zone out and miss everything the teacher said. Ritalin didn't help me one bit, instead i was shaky and jittery all day as if i was on crack or something and i still zoned out a lot. Nowadays i'm better at concentrating, tho i still zone out without realizing it. I starting taking ritalin in 5th grade and thats when most of my problems started. I went from loud, hyper, and popular to quiet, withdrawn, and basically an outcast. Do you think it may have been the ritalin?
  8. i did the whole thing now i can't show off my answer
  9. random mutations are only a small part of evolution. And remember, species multiply. Out of hundreds, thousands, millions, billions and so on you would think some mutations are good helpful ones that get passed on.
  10. do you know what natural selection is? Say you were walking down the street and you came across two women. One really sexy girl and one very ugly girl. who would you sleep with? And then she gets pregnant. thats natural selection. You chose which one to pass on your genetics. Another example: two rabbits were running from a fox, rabbit1 has a gene that gives it shorter legs than rabbit2. The fox eats rabbit1 cause its slower than rabbit2. Rabbit2 lives and makes babies. It can't see into the future, its just who survives and makes babies.
  11. some more cool japanese clips http://www.ebaumsworld.com/videos/karatemaster.html http://www.ebaumsworld.com/japantalent.html http://www.ebaumsworld.com/matrixpong.html
  12. imasmartgirl


    Have you proven that the easter bunny does not exist? Or how about Santa Claus? The tooth fairy, leprechauns, gnomes, elves, unicorns, vampires, werewolves, mermaids, big foot, or the lochness monster?? Prove that they don't exist, until then i beleive they are all real.
  13. ok then, how bout this? the pole is always moving, so then when you walk following the pole you can move and still stay absolute south all the time.
  14. woooooo the best video ever!! YATTA!! if you wanna see strange tho http://www.ebaumsworld.com/flash/rubberjohnny.html WARNING: this is a bit disturbing so make sure you turn out the lights and get high.
  15. or just walk around in a circle around the pole and you can move west or east without going north.
  16. i would think that the lack of oxygen and blood to the brain would give it a good indication to shut down
  17. well i think breeds can breed and have offspring and two species cannot breed.
  18. i already pressed it and deleted everything wooooo but looks like a joke and the site might return or something later.
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