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  1. Sorry, I messed up the start of the COP equation when I put in the formatting. It is fixed above. And yes, as Mr Skeptic points out, the only potential heat sink is the external air.
  2. Fair enough, and the skin also acts as a barrier to pathogens. But is there something particular about the physiology or behaviour of a cat as compared to say a dog that would explain why they clean themselves in this way? (Of course there are other animals that lick their fur clean too, I'm just using the cat family as an example.)
  3. Just to illustrate the heat pump into heat engine idea, take the ideal case. For a given temperature differential [math]T_h - T_c{}[/math]: The ideal energy advantage (coefficient of performance) of a heat pump [math]COP = T_h/(T_h - T_c)[/math] The ideal (Carnot) efficiency of a heat engine [math]\eta = 1-T_c/T_h = (T_h-T_c)/T_h[/math] So if you run a heat engine from the heat transferred by a heat pump, the overall result is [math]COP . \eta = 1[/math] In other words, even if the system has no losses and is ideal, there is no net gain of energy.
  4. Presumably you are talking about some sort of adhesion between the water and the sand, perhaps dispersive adhesion?
  5. Why does damp sand stick together?
  6. Since the original poster had invested money in the company and I imagine other people have too, a reply concerning the financial nature of Kender Solar and the possibility of it being a scam is relevant. The scientific points have already been well covered by earlier posters. But by all means, continue the discussion, don't let me prevent you from trying to uncover the pseudo-science behind this device. Actually, the power for the computer on which I am writing is sourced 100% from a wind farm at Challicum Hills (at a premium cost I should add) - my own small contribution towards reducing carbon emissions.
  7. Kender Solar is amongst a group of shell companies that are connected to Edward Fitzpatrick / Sean Kelly. They are all associated with two business addresses: "36 Bvd Helvetique, Geneva" and "The Mill, Mill Lane, Hatton, Warwickshire". Allegedly a number of these companies have been involved in boiler room trading scams. I leave you to draw your own conclusions. A partial list of the companies: Antshake Archon Arts Azura Stem Cell Technologies Bakerville Blueshore Investment Partnership Brainhunter Europe Cake Magazine Confida Corporate Finance Eden 18 ELP Acquisition European Launch Pad Erexigo Gulf Am Kaldi TV Kender Solar Nanofactors NetNetNet.tv Nexis International Radify or Die Sequenti Productions Skytale Biometrics Stock Targets Studio Pfund Thaler Financial Thaler Marketing The Thaler Fund The Marketing Fund Ven-Gua Capital Markets Viralstreet A partial list of the 'broking' firms said to have been involved: Artemis Financial Capital Sys CLT Solutions Fosse Financial HG Ventures Kimura Financial North Point HK Pollia Ventures Portway Capital Unicorn Ventures Curiously, the Thaler Fund are sponsoring a book about someone who was trying to live for a year without telling a lie.
  8. Perhaps I could put the question in another way: what causes the spreading behaviour of the stepped leader? Indeed, what are the dynamics of the stepping?
  9. So that says that the assumption of reality is the normal state (waking or dreaming). The interesting case then becomes imagination ('daydreaming'), in which we are able to play out a scenario and still retain at least some level of alertness to external stimuli.
  10. Yes, that's true; on rare occasions I have had lucid dreams. That makes it more interesting. It implies that the function of distinguishing external reality from internal rehearsal is in some way a separate (and suppressable) process.
  11. So what makes us believe it is real (during the time we are dreaming)? Even real physiological responses to what we are 'imagining'. What is it about consciousness that enables us to distinguish between what is observed and what is imagined?
  12. When we are dreaming, why do we think it is real? It is so different to daydreaming, where we think about imaginary scenarios, but are aware that it is hypothetical. When we are asleep and dreaming, is our assumption of reality because of the suppression of our ability to differentiate between the real and the imaginary? How do we differentiate?
  13. Why does lightning fork? In images of lightning, you see a multibranching, dendritic looking structure. Why doesn't it just follow the path of least resistance in a straight line? Is it really branching, or is that the afterimage of multiple strikes?
  14. Why do cats lick their fur? I understand it is for hygiene reasons, but given that they are ingesting some of what they clean off their fur, doesn't that make it a hygiene risk rather than an advantage?
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