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  1. The simplest way to avoid radar is by using reflection of EM waves.... But it depends what kind of radar you would want to avoid..... Aerial Radar is easly done.....put as many obtuse planes as you can on the ship....just like a B-2 Stealth Bomber. To avoid radar by a submarine is a bit difficult and i can only guess you can use polarization to not allow any wave to return to sender......
  2. how can the capacitor be Ideal if i am doing work to hold the charges in place?
  3. No way is my idea perfect.... i still gotta do work to maintain the magnetic field.
  4. no man it's just an idea........also i have heard that there is a limit to the size of a capacitor. This idea would allow capacitors to become smaller and would also prevent discharge.So any Idea's?
  5. while reading up on the Hall Effect, i realised that you could set up a distribution of space charge and hold them with the magnetic field, while cutting the wire connecting the metal plate to the external battery(to prevent charge form entering or leaving the plate). hence producing a capacitor. But i realised that if you did so then there would be no drift velocity and hence no force on the charges due to the magnetic field. End result no capacitor.But then brownian motion came to the rescue, untill i realised that the net velocity is 0. any other way? (no heating of the metal plate allowed(work function thing)
  6. If the ship bent light and sound waves away then how would one see the ship(light needs to reflect off the ship right)? this can explain the second test, where they saw an imprint of the ship in the water. As to the teleporting no clue, i guess it's all hocus pocus anyway.and how would you bend light and sound waves?
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