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  1. Four, count the groups which the carbons are connected to.
  2. Reading this I'm reminded of the following from Nature... 'almost impossible for the non-scientist to discriminate between the legitimately weird and the outright crackpot' Peter Woit told the New York Times, 'but these days that doesn't much distinguish it from a lot of the rest of the literature'.
  3. A photon has energy-momentum and simply increases the energy of the electron which causes the electron to go into a higher energy state, an excited state. When the electron loses it's energy, it returns to the ground state with the release of a lower energy, n. wavelength photon.
  4. What's the difference between a solid and a liquid, according to time? A body can behave as a visco-elastic plastic, so it's neither a solid or a liquid, only one or the other, depending on time? Rocks flow over time, at an instant they are a solid, but over million year time-scales they behave as liquids.
  5. Rocks are Rheid materials. Solids flow over different time-scales depending on their properties. An old warped bookshelf bent by the weight of books, which is a solid, under time lapse film appears to flow as a liquid. A solid is a solid only under certain time-frames, rocks flow over time.
  6. The earth's core is a visco-elastic solid like sillyputty, when you say it's solid you have to relate this to time. Think of a glacier - it is solid, but flows with a 2 week time-scale, or salt underground - 100 years. So the earth's core will behave as a solid or a liquid depending on your time frame.
  7. The heat is generated by the decay of U, Th and K inside the core, as well as primordial heat remaining from the "Heavy Bombardment" during the early(4550ma - 4000ma) formation of the earth. As for the Fe,Ni composition of the core, this was deduced by seismicity and dating of iron meteorites, which are all the same age - 4550ma.
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