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  1. Hello everyone:) I am not sure if anyone can help me, but I have a few questions that I thought I would throw out there since I have pretty much reached a dead end in my own research. My little sister has recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lupus. Don't ask me how it got as far as it did without being diagnosed. She simply slipped through the cracks of the medical system and was misdiagnosed for many years until I was browsing the internet one day and found the connection between Reynaud’s Syndrome (which she has had since she was a young child) and Lupus. After consulting her doct
  2. Special effects were good and I liked Woody Harrelson's character, but other than that, it was like any other disaster movie.
  3. Very good series, but I hate the ending.
  4. Swan Song by Robert McCammon I have read it three times and I almost never reread books.
  5. I was hoping for an acceleration in the space program by now. A moon base would be nice instead of a rickety old space station.
  6. You have to define "space" before you can determine if it has a limit. I mean, how can u say something has a beginning or an end that you really don't understand in the first place? What defines the universe? If “space” does end somewhere, then who is to say that whatever is beyond that is not just another form of “space“? The human mind has nothing to compare such an idea with, therefore it cannot be proven or disproved. It is like asking, what happens when you die. Everyone has theories, but asking for a definitive answer is ridiculous.
  7. If you went outside at exactly the same time every day and took a picture that included the Sun, how would the Sun appear to move? With great planning and effort, such a series of images can be taken. The figure-8 path the Sun follows over the course of a year is called an analemma. This coming Tuesday, the Winter Solstice day in Earth's northern hemisphere, the Sun will be at the bottom of the analemma. Analemmas created from different latitudes would appear at least slightly different, as well as analemmas created at a different time each day. With even greater planning and effort, the serie
  8. Playing Dragon Age Origins for PC right now and have to say that it is top notch. Highly reccomend it if you like fantasy RPG's
  9. Don't play games in a relationship unless their good fun for all (like Battleship). What you have to do is sit down and define your relationship. Ask her if she wants to be serious or just fool around. Then at least you know where you stand. If she wants to be serious, good, be serious. If she wants to fool around, I would usually say good about that too, but since she is your friends sister, I would probably call it off because there is a good chance it will get ugly eventually and you will loose both of them.
  10. Your girlfriend works for a secret government organization and is messing with your head.
  11. Don't forget about Micro Black Holes...that would suck
  12. If you perceive that it has made a sound, or assume that it will make a sound, then yes, it will make a sound. If you can convince yourself 100% that it will not make a sound and believe that beyond a shadow of a doubt, then it will not make a sound. Just like you can move a mountain with a mustard seed worth of belief, you can also create your environment in any shape that you wish. The human brain is a tool that directs your eyes to see what you believe you should see and your ears to hear what you think you should hear. Everything is conditional and material form is only an illusion, so
  13. Actually, according to some of the information I have read regarding Eintein Rosen Bridges (wormholes) I would have to disagree with the assumption that it is absolutly not possible. It is true that, unfortunately, worm holes are currently more science fiction than they are science fact. However, a wormhole is a theoretical opening in space-time that is the mathematical solution to general relativity and so does abide by the laws of physics. It has never been proven that worm holes exist, though, largely due to the fact that there is no experimental evidence for them (due to black holes being
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