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  1. describe the preparation of 500ml of 4.75% w/v aqueous ethanol (mm=46.1 g/mol)
  2. I know that: bromophenol blue – used as a marker since most proteins and nucleic acid are colorless. glycerol - It is a preservative and a weighing agent. but what's the purpose of SDS and tris base in SDS agarose gel electrophoresis
  3. Are u saying that red blood cell is one of the human cell that do not have entire DNA sequence genome to produce every protein type
  4. which human cells do not have entire DNA sequence genome to produce every protein type? I don't really understand what the question wants , does it mean which cells doesn't have a nucleus or something......
  5. Given the specific rotation of L- Alanine = + 1.8° ( 25° C), calculate the optical rotation (observed) of a 1.10 M solution of Alanine in water at 25° C in a 25cm polarimeter tube. Show all calculations I know the formula is Specific Rotation = observed rotation (deg) × 100 / Optical path length (dm) × concentration (g/100ml) I think I found that the concentration is 0.097999 g/mL and the optical path length is 2.5 dm but I'm little bit confused and I was absent on the class that was talking about this because I had a fever. can anyone help me?
  6. It's like the no of atom in a subtance, right? seriously, I'm really don't know how to do it? I really need it for my test revision
  7. An experimental alloy contained by copper and tantalum of the alloy was dissolved and analyzed gravimetrically. a) the copper was precipitated and weighed as CuO, a mass of 0.1739g was obtained. Calculate the %w/w Cu in the alloy. b) the tantalum was precipitated and weighed as Ta2O5, a mass 0.4748g was obtained. calculate the %w/w Ta in the alloy.
  8. what does - single-locus allele - upstream and downstream DNA primers - dna size marker mean?
  9. what does Diagnostic Digest means?
  10. can u show me please or give me a link that have the structure?
  11. yeah, but what's does it look like and is L-Cysteine a R configuration?
  12. which places were recombinant DNA technology is useful and give reason?
  13. Can any one give me a stereochemical structure of L-Cysteine by using the Fischer convention and indicate whether it is the R or S configuration? Please!! I've searched every website for two days and no detail the L-Cysteine (well the things that I wanted).
  14. what's the difference between "commercially sterile" and "axenic"?
  15. I tried to do that, but I couldn't find a good answer
  16. can u tell at least three general uses of industrial fermentation ethanol?
  17. does anyone knows the function of a Field diaphragm and an Iris diaphragm in a microscope? (FOR EACH OF THEM)
  18. how both of the microbe becomes present in the food and the mechanism by which it causes disease?
  19. I'm asking about food infection THAT IS HARMFUL TO HUMANS
  20. I'm telling if the answer that I gave are correct (lipase,cellulase and urease, Tryptophan synthase for tryptophan hydrolysis) JUST TELL IF THE ENZYME THAT I GAVE ARE CORRECT:-( and what about gelatin hydrolysis (what's its enzymes?)
  21. Can anyone give me good 2 examples of food infection (with microbe name, how the microbe becomes present in the food, and the mechanism by which it causes disease {if possible} )
  22. What enzymes are involved in the following reactions A) lipid hydrolysis B) gelatin hydrolysis C) cellulose hydrolysis D) urea hydrolysis E) tryptophan hydrolysis JUST TO MAKE SURE IF IT'S CORRECT OR NOT: A) lipase C) cellulase D) urease
  23. is hydrolysis ph dependent and give explanation if you could?
  24. yousuf89

    muscle parts

    okay at least tell the locations for each of the muscles since I've already found the function of each (I mean to describe where for each part)
  25. yousuf89

    muscle parts

    Does anyone knows the location and function of each of the muscles masseter trapezius pectoralis major deltoid lattisimus dorsi biceps brachii triceps brachii rectus abdominis external obliques gluteus maximus quadriceps femoris biceps femoris gastronemeous
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