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  1. Tips 1. Dedicate a consistent block of time every week to reading and studying 2. Complete all reading assignments and the associated problems and solutions in each study session 3. Review the learning outcome statements both before and after you study each reading to ensure that you have mastered the applicable content and can complete the action(s) specified 4. Review the session’s purpose statement after each study session and confirm that you thoroughly understand the subject matter 5. Review the topic level learning outcome after you complete a topic area and verify that you have mastered the objectives.
  2. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle: The physicist Werner Heisenberg developed the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, which says that when measuring the physical state of a quantum system there's a fundamental limit to the amount of precision that can be achieved.For example, the more precisely you measure the momentum of a particle the less precise your measurement of its position. Again, in Heisenberg's interpretation this wasn't just a measurement error or technological limitation, but an actual physical limit.
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    Every one of us, except identical twins or clones, has a unique set of DNA, or a genome, which in part is what makes us separate individuals. Inside each of our cells’ nuclei, we have 23 pairs of chromosomes, and one in each pair is inherited from one of our parents. The thread-like chromosomes contain all our genetic information. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) molecules make up most of a chromosome and are the genetic material for all cellular organisms and most viruses. They act as the message carriers of chemical sequences governing the production of proteins. Such patterns are the genes, and all together they make up the blueprint of life.
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