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  1. why again did the us, uk and oz go to iraq in the first place? cos iraq was according to them breaking international law. didn't us, uk and oz break international law when they attacked without un's approval?
  2. now correct me if i'm wrong but a year ago or so some scientists discovered these tiny thingies that travell faster than the speed of light. now why not create some sort of a fiel of those thingies that surrounds a spacecraft?
  3. 231 DAYS SINCE IRAQ ATTACK NO WMD'S TO REPORT that's right.. now do you believe that bush might not have told the truth and the true reason for this war was economical..
  4. "colllaboration album between hallucinogen and eat static will be released on twisted around early 2004"
  5. yeah ozrics and eat static are nice.. but not as sweet as shpongle & ott & younger brother.. btw.. shpongle - the remixes coming out next month.. oh.. and they've talked about hallucinogen vs eat static collobration album @ twisted website..
  6. Where is Shpongleland...? A multi-verse not very far away where queues and noise don't exist neither pain nor fear, scary faces or bad smells…just peace and pieces, and perfect weather Sucking the big toe of humanity, your armchair turns into an aural spacecraft, catapulting you through the veils of reality and consciousness into a psychedelic adult theme park: Sonar Ballistickle, Soma sucking cyber sorcerers floating weightlessly on the threshold of bliss, creating psycho-geometric, atomic telepathic shimmering incandescent dream dilations. This hybrid exotic seretonin drenched electro-plasmic dripping brain forest moves with endless hallucinogenic changing patterns while, unnoticed a million angels dance on a pinhead. Fun-Shui, Phrenological escapology; the divine moment of truth…the inevitability of the unexpected - the vortex of the cortex. Knowing what we don't know, while sampling the cosmos; from the darkness to the light; from the unreal to the real….from death to immortality... …Lets Get Shpongled! Shpongle are Simon Posford and Raja Ram i'd say i kinda like shpongle.. i guess their genre is psychedelic/ambient/downbeat/world/trance music.. which btw has absolutely NOTHING to do with cheesy mtv dance cr*p here's their webpage http://www.shpongle.com ..and here are a few samples.. http://www.shpongle.com/mp3/shpongle-dorset_perception.mp3 http://www.shpongle.com/mp3/shpongle-around_the_world_in_a_tea_daze.mp3 http://www.shpongle.com/mp3/shpongle-behind_closed_eyelids.mp3 http://www.shpongle.com/mp3/shpongle-divine_moments_of_truth.mp3 oh i also like classical music.. especially mozart i kinda find ambient the comeback of classical music.. i also find simon posford the reborn mozart..
  7. just a month.. hell i haven't done anything since late march =) well my military service starts this january.. so i guess i have a right to do absolutely nothing =)
  8. me me me me me!! i'll be flying to athens on monday.. via paris.. then i'll catch a train from athens to alexandropoli (around 15 hour trip) ..then i'll catch a boat from alexandropoli to samothraki island.. where i'll spend around 10 days.. doing what? http://www.samothrakidancefestival.com this =)))))) ah.. still a few days to go =)
  9. okay.. a few days back i was reading something about "tna" molecules.. which are.. or rather were sort of like dna or rna molecules but a lot simpler.. so basicly the "tna" molecules totally destroy the whole ridiculous "intelligent design" theory since the only thing it was standing on was that such complex molecular evolution.. or whatever.. was just impossible..
  10. traveller


    actually it's the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.. we just haven't figured out the ultimate question yet..
  11. traveller


    so.. do you guys have any theories?
  12. by the way.. how can the name of albert einstein be spelled wrong in such webpage as this.. HINT HINT check what's the last name of that guy above my name! i assure you.. it's not einstien..
  13. well i'm way too lazy to actually read all the answers here.. but.. even if (not that i believe it) there is a intelligent design.. well.. there's must be something that designed the design.. right? so all in all the whole theory of "intelligent design" does not actually explain at all how life begun.. right? other than that they basicly say that the most simple living cell today has like 300 book pages of A's,G's,T's & C's (or what ever the letters are in dna).. well did they ever think that the weather, earth, everything might have been quite different in the time that the ancient "true first ones" living cells were "born"..and maybe just maybe we don't have that kind of cells any longer but they have evolved (check evolution theory HINT HINT) into something a little bit more complicated..
  14. there's a super massive blackhole right in the middle of our milkyway.. there's a super massive black hole right in the middle of andromeda.. actually till this day they haven't found a galaxy that does not have a super massive black hole right in the middle.. and andromeda will hit us.. recently i watched this document about super massive blackholes.. and the man did some serious match for years and came up with the conclusion that the 2 super massive blackholes will become one..
  15. I made up that theory myself a while ago too. The Universe is expanding and will keep on doing that. Granted, but forever? Maybe not! Hear me out. As we all know (or atleast should) the galaxy nextdoor to us, Andromeda that is, will someday (around 3 billion years from now) hit our beloved Milkyway. So what happens then? Oh doh! The two super massive blackholes become one. Let's wait another 3 billion years, oh hell, let's wait 200 billion years. Maybe now a few other galaxies have hit "us". So the super massive blackhole is quite big. As it get's bigger - oh yes - it's gravity gets stronger and stronger. So let it grow and "maybe" someday it becomes so f##%¤ng huge that it will pull everything inside.. voila.. we've got ultra-super-massive-blackhole.. hmm.. maybe the gravity is now so awesome that it gets tinyer and tinyer.. oh my.. now it's only a size of an atom.. getting smaller.. oh damn.. now it collapsed.. a new big bang.. a new start..! hah! eat that hawkings =) so.. disprove me =)
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