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  1. Char - So your saying the gene is now on a chromosome? I'm just now looking at the page Geneck is referencing. My fault... I see it's talking about it being a transcription reportor setup. I thought it was more about the novelty of making an organism fluoresce by introducing a plasmid. It looks like the vector kit will answer the question. http://www.addgene.org/docs/fire/andrew/datasheets.pdf I think they (http://firelab.stanford.edu/) would not develop the vector kits if it would physiologically affect the target gene as this would change the expression and feedback mechanisms. I don't know... This is my opinion. But, the PDF file is really nice to reference to determine the genetic composition of the vectors. I'm guessing these would add a domain to the various proteins/genes. http://www.addgene.org/pgvec1?f=c&cmd=showcol&colid=1 These Fire Vectors are realy nice! Worth looking into....
  2. It's all about the vector. If it is a plasmid it wll depend on the instructions on the plasmid. As soon as it is in the cell it will start processing the plasmid.
  3. I wonder if a strong acid could react with the bromine resulting in a covalent bond between the two benzyl groups. I'm not too sure. I figure I would present the simplest thought first. Otherwise, I would recommend digging into Grignard Reagent reactions. That seems to always be the most versatile organic synthesis tool. As soon as I can get to my Schaumm's Outlines I will look it up. I really need to look into Grignard Reagents again.
  4. I believe that the illnesses were avoided much more than you appear to assume. Consider the learning mechanisms that we have developed to avoid foods that we have eaten and gotten sick. Are you considering the time when we started transitioning from nomads to hunter gatherers to farmers? I'm sure the transitions have had many bad experiences with food poisoning and hygiene issues. Each of these lifestyles have had there downfalls. Yet I'm sure there were many localities that were over weight in current standards. Most likely from availability of the foods, lack of competition, etc... Maybe our higher standards in hygiene is changing our gastric microflora. Maybe this is changing our tolerance to food poisoning. I believe it is our processed foods, sugar drinks, lack of exercise from gathering and huntng, etc... that is causing our weight gains. I imagine we could consider the automobile a major contributer even more than sickness in many cases. I know where I gain most of my weight... STARBUCKS... hahaha.... I sit there and read for hours at a time while drinking hundreds upon hundreds of calories. I can't wait until New York bans Caramal Macchiatos... hahahaha What do you think?
  5. You should also consider the liability you have. If you hav not peformed to the best of your knowledge you probably should consider a law suit against youself. You claim to have medical knowledge and your just now considering cardio workout. You were performing a strenght training program only two days a month?!?! Why strenght training? You lost 20 lbs? Sounds like you have a lot more to lose. I'm guessing you are still over your recommended weight. You should seriously consider your faults/ neglect/ and lack of tact with dealing with doctors and the general health staff. If you have an extensive medical background you should know even doctors get sick. You cannot expect a full workup in just a few visits. Consider your medical record and the history of care. How extensive is your medical record on this single issue? You have to build up the case in your medical record. What do you expect from the doctor? You should address this with your doctor. If you expect an MRI on your first complaint, then you are expecting way too much. But if you ask for a good blood panel with addiional tests to test any concerns, than you may be on the right track. Why don't you get your own pulse oximeter, BP Cuff, Sphygmomanometer, ET tubes, Thermometer, EKG, EEG, Foley Cathaters, IV Solutions, Antibiotics, Glucose meter, 10 Parameter Urine Regent Strips, Physical Examination and Respiratory texts, etc?? I think for having as much knowledge you claim you have, you are not applying it. Come on... It only costs a few hundred dollars for general vital monitoring equipment. If you want the full workup you might as well provide some valuable data for the doctors to work with. Mexico is only a drive away from most in the US. You want to treat yourself then you should consider working on yourself in another country. The Medical system in the US is designed with the population in mind. Money is everything!!! So is making twenty appointments to build a comprehensive medical record. The medical record is what you should really focus on. How well is your case (signs, symptoms, treatment history, vitals, lab results, etc...) presented in your medical record???????? Focus your energy into understanding your problem. Don't expect everyone to fix you. If you can't fix yourself then you are at the hands of the system you are a part of. If you understand the system then you will be able to exploit it as needed. If you find an issue inthe systemthen you need to make sure it is addessed. People that try to steal from/ sue the system will only hurt it. Do you have your medical record? Was arterial blood gasses collected? Did you consider that you have blood buffer issues? Did you consider this may also be nutrition related? There are sooo many possiblities... Consider the need for differential diagnosis and the treatment hstory and data required to perform a good diagnostic. You really set the whole stage on a bad note. You expect soo much, but, you do so little to make things happen. Learn to use TACT.... Make the doctors want to do the tests with a positive reinforcement. If you use negative reinforcement then you can just expect horrible results. SOoooo.... NO... Don't try to sue the doctors. SUE YOURSELF!
  6. That's an interesting thought. I have not studied stem cells or MS in-depth. So... I'm not an expert... lol If you are trying to repair damage using stem cells, you should consider: 1. Is there diseased or scar tissue in the area that needs repair? 2. Will the stem cells be able to be penetrate that tissue to make new connections? 3. Will there be enough vascular tissue in the area? 4. How will the stem cells be delivered? I'm sure there are many more issues to consider. I havn't had time to look into the Univ of Pitts stuff. I would prefer a direct link to the work you are referring to.
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