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  1. I have three signals in the aromatic region that accounts for 5 hydrogens. There is only one more signal of three hydrogens. It must be a CH3 group. so this gives me C6H5 + CO2 + CH3? so I'm only thinking of C6H5-COOCH3 which is a methyle benzoate right?
  2. Hi all, I was struggling in solving this question which is a part of practice exam , and I need you to be patient with me and teach me step by step how to figure out the structure and how to read and analyze the spectra. I attached the two 1H NMR & IR spectra so you will be able to know what structure I'm talking about. I started with finding the saturation number which is 5 so I know that at least I have aromatic ring and double bond(s) I predicted the compound to have an ester but I'm not sur. please help me to know what is this structure. The molecular formula is C8H8O
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