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  1. I have three signals in the aromatic region that accounts for 5 hydrogens. There is only one more signal of three hydrogens. It must be a CH3 group. so this gives me C6H5 + CO2 + CH3? so I'm only thinking of C6H5-COOCH3 which is a methyle benzoate right?
  2. Hi all, I was struggling in solving this question which is a part of practice exam , and I need you to be patient with me and teach me step by step how to figure out the structure and how to read and analyze the spectra. I attached the two 1H NMR & IR spectra so you will be able to know what structure I'm talking about. I started with finding the saturation number which is 5 so I know that at least I have aromatic ring and double bond(s) I predicted the compound to have an ester but I'm not sur. please help me to know what is this structure. The molecular formula is C8H8O2 and all the peaks and ppm readings are in the attached figures. thanks all.
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