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  1. Do the people you hang with have similar problems? What are their GPAs? Are they doing their homework *before* they screw around? Do they care as much about this as you do? Nah, they're all honor students with 4.0 GPA's and scholarships. Oh, and they're athletic superstars in this town.
  2. Phi for All : You've got plenty of time to fix things and more importantly you understand the need to fix things. You've got the guts not to stick your head in the sand and that tells me you're going to be OK. Do you think you study enough? What takes up most of your time? Do you have enough friends and family to support your desire to get a better GPA? Well, it's not that I don't study enough or aren't smart enough it's just that I procrastinate a lot. Hanging out and just screwing around really takes up most of my time and I know I could be doing homework a lot of the time. I know I have a lot of support from my friends, but my mom and family at HOME aren't really all that supportive. My grandparents are really supportive though. My home environment is unorganized and messy and it makes me feel like my whole life is that way. My mother and I don't really get along. I just really can't focus at home when it comes to homework.
  3. I'm a sophomore in highschool. My GPA is 1.601. In Biology I have 34%, in Spanish a B-, in Civics a 69%, English a 77.24%, Small Gas Engines a 83%, Gym a 79%, and in Geometry I have a 66%. How hard is it to raise a GPA??? Will I ever be able to raise it to at least 3.5 by the time I graduate??? Any tips??? I really need to get myself on track so my life isn't screwed.
  4. Hmmm... i've read about encryptions and they sound like fun... can someone please explain to me how to do them and perhaps give me an easy one to decrypt???
  5. OMG.... I am soo stupid and I can't figure this thing out and it's driving me crazy!!!! PLLEEASSEEE tell me the answer and how to get it!!!!
  6. What's that "#SFN @ irc.blackcobalt.net" thing???
  7. Hi, i'm just wondering if anyone could teach me calculus online. I'm only a sophomore in Geometry and Geometry is just too easy so I just really need to learn more... Or Advanced Algebra even?? I don't care just anything harder than Geometry... please...
  8. I'm trying to learn html and the tutorial said I needed a UNIX account to make a webpage. Can anyone tell me where I can get myself a UNIX account?
  9. Anyone know a good site to learn how to hack?
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