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  1. Sorry for not sounding clear but I I actually agree with you and the fact string theory is not disproved by this below. I lean towards m-theory but I am philosophical and not scientific. That's very interesting to me.
  2. Especially when I think of empty space not existing and frequencies travelling through it like ripples in the water
  3. For this to be true would be to prove string theory false which I believe matter is nothing more than a certain frequency of vibrating strings of energy.
  4. I think I am pretty much aware of where you are coming from. I believe energy is all that exists and our choices have to do with what frequencies are vibrating compared to our frequency.Fear and faith our the ability we have to change our frequency (the more faith the more your awareness is opened)which in exchange alters your choices.People in fear don't have as many choices and live in ruts tied to the same frequencies.When you overcome resistance through faith your frequencies change allowing to be more free and open to all posibilities.
  5. I understand that the mind can only see one point of reference at a time in a logical or rational perspective because of the theory of relativity and that awareness can be aware of all points of reference at a time or see one or all perspectives of time at the same time. I also understand we can make choices from any of these perspectives we choose too. Unfortunately if we choose to let our mind dictate what we see and guide us then we become unaware of so much of reality because our awareness lines up with our rational or logical minds but if we choose to open up our awareness then we have the ability to choose and see between many perspectives.
  6. Sorry didn't mean to be taking the most off topic.If you were looking for a breakdown of how choices occur I believe some kind of concept is perceived and filtered through our fight and flight instincts and then rationalized in the mind.I am not sure what you are asking but I was only saying that before any ideas or concepts are perceived in the mind they go through our fight and flight instincts and not directly to the mind.
  7. Removed my post because some may not see the humor and find it offensive!
  8. Yes please if you would. Thanks I can't even make sense of this or what you thought I would be implying????
  9. I believe humans don't have the freewill they think they do.I believe like all other animals instincts we make choices out of fear and faith. When a deer feels safe and full of faith it can think along the lines of finding green grass to eat and shade to lay in and such. Once it senses danger its line of thinking will change. It will seek out the danger, decide what direction to dart of etc.. Too much fear and maybe freeze. Humans are the same way. the biggest mistake humans make is they try to use their thinking to control their emotions. We don't realize that in order to be happy, feel safe and full of faith all we have to do is release the fear or emotions.As we release the emotions our line of thinking actually changes like the deer in the field.People hold on so tight to emotions and refuse to release them and it causes the brain to be stuck in a certain mode of thinking.My personal belief is that eventually when you hold on to bad emotions long enough without releasing them they cause the mind to be stuck in a certain unhealthy pattern of thinking that eventually alters the chemicals causing chemical imbalances(mental illness) Even good emotions can cloud up the mind and clarity of thought.Releasing good emotions also has a great benefit to clearing the mind and so you can make better choices and keep bringing yourself up to a better state of thinking and feeling.The only way to feel good is to allow your self to feel and release the bad feelings no matter how bad they feel and don't allow them to dictate your thoughts or choices.(sometimes you just have to buckle the seatbelt and hang on) So I guess what i am saying is that are emotional state of fear and faith we are in actually dictates our line of thinking and how we make choices just like the deer. So in order to summarize this I believe we are still dictated by faith and fear instincts that actually alter our thought processes depending upon which state we are in.If you want to think more clear and positive and make better choices, all you do is release the negative emotions and you climb to a positive state(state you were born and meant to be in ) automatically and your thinking changes automatically.(just like the deer).
  10. I am not sure if power corrupts or if it's the fear of loosing power that actually corrupts? I don't think power is and of itself corruption but when it is used as suppression on others around you to try and stay on top.
  11. How does this play in with people's belief system? If someone was to call you and tell you that your spouse or child is dead(true or not) it would instantly turn your world upside down if you believe it. I wonder what effect it has on people claiming them to be mentally ill and they believe it? I am also curious if when they prescribe medications to people if they take into account whether they are introverted or extroverted and effects of medicines on each? They actually function a little different. http://www.scienceagogo.com/news/19990228212951data_trunc_sys.shtml
  12. I believe I agree and that most of the time it seems to stem from emotional trauma. I am no Doc but very experienced with dealing with those who have depression and anxiety disorders and I am way more successful than those in the psychiatric field. Stored up emotions can have a devastating effect on the body.Once we label these stored up emotions as some form of mental disease they become almost impossible for people to let go of it as their belief system. Instead of an issue of dealing and facing emotions it becomes an issue of dealing with my brain sickness.After all, how can you believe you are something and not something at the same time. So the medicines can numb the mind which is really nothing more than signaling that their is trouble inside the body. But that's what a lot of medicines do, treat the symptoms right? Meanwhile pharmaceutical companies keep placing commercials trying to advertise some form of drug for mental disease(would love for you to believe it even if you don't) all in the name of the almighty dollar!(huge cancer in society IMHO) They think they are discovering new diseases but they are really just creating them. People might be amazed at how well the body can heal itself if given the chance and we work to help it in the right direction instead of always trying to correct symptoms. There are two ways to fight against war. You can go to an anti-war rally or you can go to a pro- peace rally. I would opt for the second because i believe energy has a stronger force with a much stronger desired effect when it has momentum in a good direction instead of being used up as resistance.Goes for your health as well. You can always fight sickness or you can fight for good health. If you are on medicine now I suggest staying on them and follow your doctors advice! You can work on yourself while you are on medicines.
  13. I know it sounds logically like he was guilty but I actually lean more towards what Sisyphus says. It seems common that people chase after what they don't or can't have and it seems he just wanted his childhood that he never had.It is hard for me to fathom the idea that he could be guilty and still express such warmth and joy in his smiles and laughter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS0JxCL5fkA Doesn't look like he is hiding much to me.
  14. Interesting posts on energy concepts!

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