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  1. md65536 is essentially right, but there's also a really good explanation on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brinicle
  2. We've recently published a theory from Brian J Ford on spontaneous human combustion. He thinks its down to ketosis and being diabetic: http://www.labnews.co.uk/features/solving-the-mystery-of-human-spontaneous-combustion/
  3. There's a good Wikipedia page on Restless leg - no mention of sugar though... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restless_leg_syndrome
  4. Kerry

    Chemistry Books

    I'm working my way through The Periodic Table Its Story and Its Significance (http://laboratorynews.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/the-periodic-table-its-story-and-its-significance-by-eric-r-scerri/) and very much enjoying it
  5. There are a few examples of what Diamond is used for here: http://www.labnews.co.uk/feature_archive.php/6018/5/diamond-discoveries I got the spend the day there last year and it's amazing! They also have lots of videos here http://www.youtube.com/labnews#p/c/476F98739A7FC3AB (hope that works). BackStage Science's video is also worth a watch:
  6. That sounds like a really fun experiment - I might try it with my niece and nephew. I think they'll be a bit young to understand the science but it'll certainly amaze them - no harm in getting them hooked early!
  7. Sounds like a great project - I wish we had more interesting projects like this when I was at school. Let us know what you choose and how it turns out.
  8. Kerry


    There's more about tsunamis here - including the Christmas Tsunami Hope that helps
  9. I was more after anything that was goingto be shown in the next few months - I've tried looking at the BBC website but they're not very forthcoming with information!
  10. Does anyone know of any good science TV programs coming up in the next couple of months?
  11. The BBC are asking people to complete a survey on their science coverage - radio, TV and online apparently Only open until the 27th Sept if anyone is interested Story here: http://www.soci.org/News/SCI-BBC-survey with link to survey at the end.
  12. I'm currently writing a piece on Marie Curie - she's very inspirational.She had to cope with personal heartbreak on several occasions and faced much trouble in her professional career simply for being a woman. Another truely inspiriational scientist is Rosalind Franklin - she provided the data for Watson & Crick to go public with their structure of DNA and didn't seem to complain! Again she faced opposition in her professional career, often being ridiculed and belittled, and who knows what else she might of discovered if she hadn't died at such a young age.
  13. http://www.labnews.co.uk/news_archive.php/5061/5/moving-forward-with-metamaterials Not so much about exactly 'how' but might point towards some uses
  14. Interesting piece here on how the dopamine systems in schizophrenics and highly creative people are similar: http://www.labnews.co.uk/laboratory_article.php/5468/2/2/thinking-outside-the-box Maybe we could all develop the disease if under the right conditions.
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