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  1. okay but if u give a toy boat a push it reaches T.Velocity then slows down due to friction in space there is no friction so y would it simply reach terminal velocity since there is nothing dtopping it from going faster?
  2. okay, but in newtons first law an object in motion will stay in motion unless another unless another force oppses it. therefore since there is no force opposing it it should in thoery keep accelerating(or @least thats what ive been told)
  3. there is no air in space, thus no friction. So if light is thrown off by like a pulsing dying star or a super nova, there should be nothing slowing it down. and what happens when the light hits like(if possible)2x the speed of light. Does it enter a whole diffrent demsion or does it just keep speed ing up? i'd really like to know!~
  4. my idea is that it expanded like a sphere due to the fact that there was equal pressure outside the universe as it was expanding-or-it waz expanding soo fast that it didnt react to the pressure. but if im wrong then how DID the universe expand?
  5. oh kay i think i get the gist if what u ppl are saying. but the tree how long is this pice of slate?(i know this is more phisics than chemistry)be cause if its like 1/2 an inch long ure not gonna snap it eaily with ur fingers
  6. well it waz worth a thought, and if i understand the treethe colder somthing gets the stronger it gets? the tree The colder it is, the less energy there is to allow for bonds to break or for new ones to form. but does this just apply to moloculer and/or atomic structure? because i know as a fact that anything ,such as a plant, will become very brittle when u expose it to extrem cold (i.e.liquid nitorogen 63.14K -209.86°C -345.75°F)pleaz explain
  7. know as a chassi is concerened i wud seriously sugjest somthing long wide and stable. a jet engine can be really unstable at times so make sure its STRAIGHT or else ure gonna be in some serious touble. and fabricate ureframe 4 best results
  8. dude u gotta watch mythbusters (ch.48 discovery channel) a combustion chamber i might have an idea 4. i wud suggest sum what thick aluminum alloy (light but strong) with like six air brush nozles pointing inward and have a spark plug (dont worry ull only hve ta spark it once) because if u pressurize the fuel tank the constant flowing fuel will keep the flame alive)
  9. my theroy behind this is that oxygen and hydrogen if cold enough will liquify,correct, so whos sayin that if u get ice cold enough say {50.35K -222.65°C -368.77°F} wouldd the oxygen particles liqufiy leaving a hydrogen shell or what. this is the only serious whole in my theroy.
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