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  1. Thanks for getting back to me John, that looks great.
  2. Sorry perhaps I didn't articulate myself very well their. What i mean is that I am looking for information regarding big breaking evidence for species that are seen as being rather exciting, such at the great white and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Other species are in truth no less fascinating but the general public are not necessarily interested in the evolution of say, the slug or grasshopper etc. Again any information would be appreciated.
  3. Hi there, my name is Simon and Im posting on behalf of an English production company called Touch production who are currently involved in creating a program on evolutions missing links and I was wondering if anyone could be of any help. The idea of the program, as mentioned above, is interesting missing links in the evolution of particularly fascinating species. I have already found lots of information on species such as the megalodon/mako shark to great white debate, the Anchiornis Huxley dino to bird find and the mini tyrannosaur that has changed all the theories on Trex body shape etc. But I was wondering if anyone knows of any more that have recently occurred or that are just being researched/reexamined that would fit with the creatures in the current program? Its just a shot in the dark really but any help would be greatly appreciated. Hope you all are in good health. Simon
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