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  1. I'm sorry, I'm having a real hard time believing that something thats impossible to see or know about exists. It sort of reminds me of God, or Santa Claus.
  2. I'm real into the expansion of the human habitat. So I really like the idea Arch2008 pointed out. Thanks!
  3. So you think something that we can't see or know about in anyway, holds our galaxy together?
  4. Mercury is a prime example of a dead planet, and Mars could well soon join its ranks. If any hope of enhabiting Mars one day is to be achieved, we should look into reviving it. The two problems that REALLY need to be fixed to save it, is recreating a Magnetic field, and improving the atmosphere. The Magnetic Field is produced through all the nickal and iron in its core correct? Well, how does the core diminish in the first place? And How can we stuff iron and nickel back inside the core? The Atmosphere is useless without the Magnetic Field. But an Atmosphere is created through Volcanos correct? Well, how can we CREATE artificial volcanos? Or just fool the environment into making a natural volcano?
  5. Hm? Old thread you say? hmmm..... eh. I'll post anyway. A solar system has a center, as all do, the center of a solar system is a star. The high mass and gravity of the sun, keeps the planets swirling around it. But, if we go beyond the solar system, we reach the galaxy. Which contains thousands, if not millions of stars, if not BILLIONS of stars and solar systems. The galaxy is held together by, what is assumed a black hole. The high mass and gravity of the black hole keeps all the stars and solar systems together. But, when we go beyond the galaxy, we reach the universe. The universe contains Trillions of galaxies, but... thats as far as we go. Truethfully, I think the universe is just another expansion in the great "Final Frontier". I think, that very far off, there is a large object or clump of mass and gravity, that keep all the galaxies together. And if we go beyond the universe, we will find another expansion of space, that contains tons more universes. So I believe that the universe has an end, its just very far off, and we haven't been able to see far enough to catch a glimps of an end, or the great center of the universe. Sorry, I'm only fourteen, this is the best I can shove out.
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